Why do we have a little Groove under our Nose?

The universe is full of mysteries and miracles. Our body is the most amazing mystery about which we have so many questions in our minds. There is a curiosity to know why so many things exist in a human body.

Such as, we can take the example of a little groove under our nose. That groove, known as a “philtrum”, is a vertical groove in the central area of the upper lip, starting in humans from the nose bone or cartilage to the top lip.[irp]

Although this groove has served no function in humans, the scientists, at last, have been succeeded in figuring out the important role that philtrum plays in the womb. This groove which exists between our nose and top lip is the place where the puzzle of the human face finally combines.

It is the last part of the body that is formed in the womb. We can say that it is like the last layer which seals a bag, or where the various pieces of our faces join like pieces of a puzzle or the last hole of a vacuum bulb from where all air is taken out and the bulb is sealed.

We all have the groove on our faces found below our nose. However, down the centuries, this little tiny part, the odd little groove has mystified and confused the biologists and they have struggled to find out the answer as to why we do have a philtrum.

Early on, in the fetal development period during pregnancy, the human face is just a weird mess of curved layers, folding flesh with no distinctive or unique features. But with the passing time, it slowly begins to be in shape and the main sections are uniting under the nose which creates philtrum. Technically, it’s known as your philtrum and it’s as omnipresent to the human face just like the nose or eyes.

But the question is still there that what is it, and why do we have it? Well, interestingly, it is all related to our faces, how they are formed during gestation period in the womb. How they do not just develop but also combine and fit together like pieces of the puzzle.

In a BBC program “Inside the Human Body” Dr. Michael Mosley explains everything about philtrum in a clip. “Where is the philtrum located? And where the different layers of a face are united into one another?” According to the Dr. Michael Mosley, it is the place where the different parts of the human face finally merged.

By explaining the process, he said that the development of the face into distinctive features happens in the womb between two or three months. In this whole amazing process, three main sections of the puzzle are merged at your upper lip, which creates the groove that is called philtrum. And if because of any genetic or environmental causes, the face doesn’t form in this period of two or three months, then it never will be.

The astonishing video of this BBC program is on the YouTube. In which you can watch not only Dr. Mosley explaining this process, but you can also see the scans of a real baby developing, how the face is created in the womb and how all these puzzle pieces finally come together to form a recognizable human face.

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