Watch: Why do we dress like this?

Social media is something which has changed the lives of people real fast, in both the ways how it has been and is being used by the users. A mean of entertainment along with awareness is a combination we always have been missing and such has been made possible by people like Khaled Al Ameri and his Family.

Public awareness, entertainment, presentation of the moral and family values, the depiction of the cultural heritage and defying the unlawful norms is somewhat like a work of charity and is being done beautifully by some of the people as an individual or a team on social media sites.[irp]

They makeup slogans, create and upload videos, make short movies and upload small close to the life quotes providing people with hope and making them realize that they can do a lot much better. We have seen some Video Channels on Social Sites running under the banner of V Logs providing us with free entertainment and helping us regain what we miss in our daily routine in a wonderful manner.

An Emirati couple, Khaled Al Ameri and his lovely wife Salama Mohammad, lives in Abu Dhabi with their three kids. They are having lots of fun while making videos and they are enjoying their life to its extent. Khaled Al Ameri was Government employee before he stepped in this field.

It was not easy for him to reach this position. He faced lots of struggle and hardships. He quit his good paying Government job in 2016 to bring out a whole new career and image for himself using various social media’s sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snap chat, and Instagram.

Khaled Educational background is not as good as we all think. He was not a bright student of his class but he obtained a degree in Marine Operation at a nautical college and an MBA degree from Stanford. He never had any proper formal training and education in Journalism but he landed a show as CNN’s Mideast Correspondent.

Salama, a wife of Khaled Al Ameri, is a strong modern and independent woman who runs her Jewelry business called Pearl by S.Salama. She suffers from vitiligo, a disease or skin condition in which skin pigmentation loses its color and cause long-term patches on the skin all over the body.

Fortunately, Khaled still loves and admire her however she looks. After realizing the power of social media in this generation, Khaled decides to transform himself and his life into a present fantasy where he is his own boss and calls his own shots.

He refused to work as traditional older media platforms and decided to work with Facebook. They work together to make some videos related to love, life, and family. In one of their video, they beautifully tried to explain about Vitilgo.

They have made many videos about their religious and norms and values. Every video contains a message for the public. I watched and loved their video in which he described what happens when they wear jeans for the first time instead of their casual wear.

They described in a humorous style that first of all people refuse to recognize them. In one of their video they describe s about Arab Traditional clothing and described that it is very easy to wear and carry out. They can wear it as their casual, formal or even sportswear.

They have conveyed a message to the public that instead of wasting too much time on selecting dresses for your work, you should select a formal uniform. Every successful celebrity is well known for wearing the same type of uniform in their daily routine. They have much time to think about their successful career rather than deciding their dresses.

This couple has emerged as a wonderful charming power couple who are putting a fresh face and a positive impression on the image of UAE and the entire Muslim and Arab community.

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