Why do Saudis don’t trust Saudi Employees?

Many Saudis are hesitant to hire Saudi employee. A Saudi would prefer to hire an expat worker than a Saudi employee. This is something really very strange. It isn’t that there is lack of brotherhood in the country. Saudis are united under a flag. They are helpful and caring. A Saudi would readily help another Saudi even it is difficult for him to help.

But then why are they reluctant to hire Saudis in the workplace. I certainly cannot fetch you an answer to this question. Yet I can somehow tell you that there are certain trust issues. In jobs like a plumber, mechanic, electrician, hairdresser and even a cook Saudis would prefer to get their work done by an expatriate worker.[irp]

They have this feeling that if a Saudi plumber arrives at their house, he must be unskilled. They would dig up if he is qualified or not. However, if an expat plumber would come to fix the house sanitary, Saudi family would be delighted that an expert has arrived. They would assume that the plumber is highly skilled.

If you move around the streets of Riyadh, you will notice that a lot of Hairdressers’ shops belong to Moroccan barbers. The hairdressers are well equipped with clients who are mostly Saudis. This means that we do want to have our work done by expats than Saudis.

Also, you will notice that the hairdressers have held their diplomas high on the walls. Most of them have got their diplomas in hairdressing from the Morocco’s national hairdressing Federation which is named as Fédération Nationale de la Coiffure au Maroc.

Most Saudis actually prefer these hairdressers over the Saudi barbers. If the displayed certificates are the reason i.e. if Saudis are more comfortable with a certified barber and fear that a Saudi barber would be unskilled, then our barbers should also display their diplomas!

But then, most of the Saudis are running shops without holding diplomas. Even Moroccan hairdressers complain that most Saudi hairdressers are running their business without holding a license or a certificate. The unskilled barbers are risky as they get trained while working.

They don’t know the proper techniques yet they are out there in the market making money. They don’t get proper training rather training during work, which is not fair. Is this a wakeup call for our licensing authorities?

Not only barbers, there are unskilled and nonqualified plumbers, electrician and cooks out there. But this is another issue. There are some unskilled expats as well. To be very clear MOST Saudis are skilled and can do their jobs neatly.[irp]

Yet we can’t trust a Saudi. With the Saudization of communication sector, people got a panic that their cell-phones won’t get fixed as a Saudi employee is out there. Why does a Saudi need to hold a diploma to assure that he is skilled and an expat worker doesn’t?

Source: Saudi Gazette

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