Why do round Pizzas come in Square Boxes?

We can all agree on the fact that pizza is one of the best things in the world, literally. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that a deliciously made pizza can solve most problems. We have ordered it to our homes; have eaten it in restaurants and pizzerias.  Whenever you order a pizza to be delivered to your home, you must have always gotten a square shaped box in which a circular piece of goodness can be found and devoured.[irp]

This is not something unusual or out of the blue right? But have you ever wondered why a circularly shaped pizza comes in a square box?  Well, to tell the truth, I had never thought about it before I read a discussion on an online forum. The answers, however, ranged from various online trolls to some highly detailed explanations.

Finding some suitable answers and wanting to find out more, we asked some of the users on various social media platforms, why they thought we are delivered round pizzas in square boxes.  Once again we faced numerous trolls however we came up with some decisive answers and responses which finally put to rest why it is that we get round pizzas in square boxes.

Well, first thing first, the boxes are made out of cardboard or a similar material in most cases and are usually folded in order to create the box, this, in turn, means that the entire box must come in the form of a cardboard rectangle in a single flat piece. This is primarily done in order to minimize the cost of the boxes during manufacturing of the boxes.

It is also safer for the cardboard boxes to be transported flat, and a circular cut or shaped cardboard box will be harder to transport and prone to damage. As we must have noticed the hinges on cardboard boxes are fairly simple, in comparison to a proposed circular box with numerous hinges to support the circular shape.

We must also ask ourselves why a pizza is always shaped round. This is because of the way the dough is kneaded and then spread on the pan. Though some famous pizzerias have tried their hand at square or rectangle shaped pizzas, they haven’t come close to the popularity of the classic round pizza. Pizza also serves as a great example of a circular object fitting into a square hole.

This is the best explanation we could come up with by the help of several answers and details we received from users. This explanation for both cases i.e. the pizza being round and the box being square is sufficient to quiet down any inquisitive person or even an online troll.

So the next time anybody asks you this question show them this piece or just tell them what you have learned from it, and they will be surely surprised at how you knew something like that. So impress your friends and tell them about us.

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