Why do I have white spots on my teeth? 8 possible causes

This is a very common question and a serious problem faced by the majority of the people. They don’t understand the real cause of the problem. However, some people might think that these white spots are some sort of indications of a disease.  There are many possible different causes to have white spots on teeth. Here we are going to discuss few of the basic causes to have white spots on teeth.

1-If the spots have been present on the teeth since childhood, it is may be due to some disorder in the formation of enamel. Basically, Enamel hypoplasia is a defect which is observed in teeth. Enamel is a hard substance but in Enamel hypoplasia, it is thin and deficient in amount.[irp]

Enamel hypoplasia is very common in newly formed teeth same as hyper fluorosis which is caused by intake of too much of fluoride. If the white spots are new and appeared on adult teeth which are fully formed, the cause is possibly different.

2-Most likely the white spots formed on the adult teeth are due to plaque formation. Plaque is basically scrap and bacteria which can create hard and scaly spots near the gum line. Plaque is made up of two things that are: sugar and starch. Sugar and starch act as food to bacteria in the mouth.

When bacteria feed on the plaque, it will produce an acid which attacks the teeth and marks white spots. This way the tooth looks discolored. A complete dental cleaning can help remove this plaque and reduce discoloration.

3-Early stages of tooth decay are known as white spot lesions. The cause is very clear as it is a cycle in which the bacteria produce acids that can dissolve and thin out the tooth enamel which makes the enamel to look white.

4-Poor oral hygiene can also be one reason for white spots on teeth. Brushing is an essential thing and a requirement for our teeth. If we don’t brush regularly, the plaque is formed.

5-Another thing that can possibly cause white spots on your teeth is taking excessive acidic foods like sour candy, lemons, and acidic drinks. These acidic foods and drinks actually remove the enamel on your teeth which appear as white spots.

6-Teeth whitening strips which are very popular nowadays for making teeth whiter can also harm teeth and introduce white spots on teeth.

7-Some people having braces are unable to maintain they’re their oral hygiene. This can also create white spots on teeth.

8-Celiac disease which is a serious genetic autoimmune disease can also have other severe problems associated with it possibly affecting the enamel of teeth which will produce white spots.

So, it is highly recommended that if any of you have white spots or hold any doubt, you must set up a visit with your dentist. Basic and essential care for your teeth is to visit a dentist in every six months. Visiting a dentist after every six months is most important for the benefit of your teeth.

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