Why do Hindus drink cow urine?

Hinduism is a vast religion, old and diverse as well. The cow is taken as a holy being in Hinduism. Some Hindus drink the urine of Cow as their religious belief.

Due to the religious importance of cows, Hindus don’t eat beef. In some parts of India, cow urine, known as Gomatra is taken as a medicine for the cure of disease. 

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North Indian Hindus worship Gomata, cow as we know, and South Indians worship beef delicacies and they have even made a research center to find out the benefits of its urine.

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Cow Urine is sold as an expensive commodity

Although many Hindus don’t practice it, there are some parts of India where the cow urine is sold in bottles and widely taken as a medicine for the cure of diabetes, cancer, eczema, asthma, and such few fatal life-threatening diseases.

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The spiritual leaders, like Ram Dev, are doing a business of cow urine. Hindus not only drink cow’s urine but they also apply it to their whole body thinking it sacred and beneficial.

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It is their belief that drinking cow urine daily in some prescribed quantity can help the human body to fight hundreds of diseasesAccording to Ayurveda, the main cause of all diseases is an imbalance of;

  1. Mucus.
  2. Bile.
  3. Air.

They say cow urine possesses the chemical that balances these three forms and helps in curing diseases. 

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Hindus believe that the benefits of using cow urine are scientifically proven. 

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