Why do foreign couples choose to get married in Georgia?

In the last decade, there has been a noticeable increase in the popularity of marriage registration abroad among young couples. This trend undoubtedly has its own good reasons and advantages that attract loving souls from all over the world. Let’s take a look at the main motives why couples are increasingly opting for this unusual but exciting experience.

Why do foreign couples choose to get married in Georgia?

Couples choose Georgia to register their marriage for several good reasons that make this choice particularly attractive:

  • Economic benefits. Georgia provides affordable prices for wedding services, including the marriage registration, ceremony, and celebration. This allows couples to save significant amounts of money compared to having a wedding in Europe or North America.
  • Quick marriage registration. The procedure for wedding in Georgia is quite simple and transparent. By minimizing bureaucratic complexities, couples can quickly and easily formalize their marriage, which is especially important for those who value saving time.
  • Visa-free entry: Georgia provides visa-free travel for citizens of many countries, with more than 90 countries on the list. This makes traveling and registering a marriage easier as no complicated visa formalities are required.
  • Picturesque locations and unique cultural traditions. Georgia is famous for its beautiful nature, picturesque mountains and ancient culture. Holding a wedding in such unique locations adds to the romance and uniqueness of the moment.

These factors together create an attractive proposition for couples looking for a wedding venue and emphasize the advantages of choosing Georgia as a wedding destination.

Shu Wedding Agency: your guide in the world of amazing weddings in Georgia

Shu Wedding Agency is the leading representative of the wedding industry in Georgia, providing a wide range of services for those who dream of an unforgettable wedding in this amazing country. That’s why many foreign couples choose to work with them:

  • Experience and professionalism. Shu Wedding has a wealth of experience in organizing weddings of different sizes and styles. Their team consists of professionals who are ready to realize the boldest ideas of their clients.
  • Personalized approach. Each wedding is perceived as a unique project. Shu Wedding carefully listens to the wishes of their clients, creating individual concepts and taking into account all details.
  • Full range of services. The agency offers a full range of wedding services including location selection, décor, stylist services, photography and videography, transportation arrangements and many other aspects to make every wedding perfect.
  • Collaboration with the best vendors. Shu Wedding collaborates with the best service providers in the industry, ensuring high quality services and creating moments that will be remembered for a lifetime.
  • Harmony between price and quality. The agency offers a variety of packages, combining high quality and reasonable prices. This allows couples to choose the best options that fit their budget.

Pros and cons of a wedding in Georgia

Pros of getting married in Georgia Minuses of a wedding in Georgia

Exotic Locations. Georgia provides unique opportunities for weddings in picturesque locations such as mountain peaks, wineries, and ancient castles.


Budget-friendly. Relatively low prices for wedding services and accommodation make Georgia an attractive option for budget weddings.


Visa-free entry. Foreigners do not need a visa to visit Georgia, which makes it easier to organize a wedding and invite guests.


Mild climate. Georgia offers a pleasant climate, which is especially important for couples who want to hold their wedding in a warm atmosphere.


Cultural richness. The opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture and traditions adds to the uniqueness of the wedding experience.


Culinary delights. Georgian cuisine is known for its variety and flavor, which adds to the enjoyment of wedding guests.


Local Hospitality. Traditional Georgian hospitality creates a warm and friendly atmosphere for the wedding party.


Historical atmosphere. The opportunity to hold the wedding in historical castles and manors adds a special charm and romance.



Language barrier. The need to communicate in Georgian can create difficulties in organizing a wedding event.


Limited choice of suppliers. Some regions may have a limited choice of wedding suppliers, which affects the variety of services.


Long flights for guests. For guests invited from other countries, long flights can be an additional stressor.


Limited control from afar. It is difficult to have full control over the wedding organization if planning is done remotely.


Difficulties with paperwork. The need to comply with Georgia laws and requirements can create additional difficulties in the marriage formalization process.


Weather conditions. Depending on the time of year, weather conditions can be unpredictable, requiring additional planning.


Need to understand local traditions. Couples choosing Georgia for their wedding may find it necessary to understand and respect local customs and traditions.


Possible language and cultural differences. Differences in language and culture can be a challenge when interacting with locals and service providers.

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that choosing Georgia for marriage registration is not only a bold and original step, but also an opportunity to make your wedding unique and memorable. Visa-free entry for most foreigners, beautiful natural landscapes, richness of culture and availability of budget options make Georgia an attractive destination for weddings.

Remember that organizing a wedding in another country can be a complicated process, but with the help of professionals like Shu Wedding agency, you can make the experience easy and unforgettable. Local experts will guide you through every step of preparation, ensuring harmony, style and carefree fun on your special day.

Don’t miss the chance to create your dream wedding in an amazing country with rich history and warm hearted traditions. Georgia awaits you with open arms to ensure that your marriage begins with a unique adventure and memories.

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