Why do Filipinos smile so much?

One of the most common things about Filipinos is that they would have a big smile on their face. But why is that so? What is the secret behind their happy lives?

Simple Life

Well, when you dig into their lives, they are generally happy because they are leading a simple life. Our urbanized lives have made us go far away from nature and its beauties.

Closer to families

We have made our lives so busy that we don’t have time for our relatives. The closer you are to your loved ones, the happier and satisfied you are.

They have shifted to towns and have cities yet they are still close to their roots and culture.

A country of natural resources

Also, the country is blessed with multiple islands which help the people enjoy the natural beauty. The provincial areas are blessed with tasty fish and one can grow almost anything they like to.

When one is not afraid of hunger: one tends to be generally happy even when you are not rich enough.

Moderate Weather

The weather is kind and people do not have to invest in building strong houses. They do face storms and typhoons, yet they are used to it now. Their contended life is the key to their happiness.

Large Families

The people of the Philippines still believe in having large families. The basic reason behind this is that most of the people there are involved in raising animals and planting.

So more the human resource: the more would be the output. With large families and close bonds with each other: the people remain happy together.

Expressive people

The people there are also very artistic in nature. They express their emotions through art. A small craftsman out there is blessed with great art.

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