Why didn’t the beggar standup to honor the King?

Once there was a King who was honored and respected by the people of his country. He would take a small tour to different places in his country just to see how people are leading their lives and if everything was alright.

The beggar ignored the King

On his every visit, the people would honor him by standing up and rushing to him and would greet him. Yet, while he was passing by a place he saw that a poor man was sitting beside. He was expecting him to stand up and honor him.

However, when the king approached the poor old man he ignored the king. He did not greet him nor stood up for him. This made the King curious and thereby he went to the man and asked him what made him not to honor the king.

There was a King before you

The old man looked at him and said, before you, there was a king. He also went through this place and was honored by people. After a few days, he died and was buried close by. Coincidently, a poor man also died and was buried near the king.

Great isn’t it, a poor man and a King both rest near each other. Either be king or be a poor man, all will rest under this ordinary pile of sand. It is we who have created differences, for Allah we all are the same. None will get a better quality of sand or more room in the grave because they were rich.

A flood hit the city

Allah showed another miracle to make me understand this, continued the old man. A flood hit the city and the two graves to overturn. The bones of the two got mixed up and we were unable to know that which were the bones of the king and which belonged to the poor.

In the end, what will be left of us will be bones. Allah did not give king bones of gold and poor one of the stones. Rather both have been blessed with the same. When has Allah not created us differently, why to treat each other differently on the basis of status?

The poor man walked away saying that it does not matter to him if someone is rich or poor. It does not matter to him if someone is a king or a beggar. To him, all are the same as to Allah we all or the same.

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