Why didn’t Pharaoh kill Hazrat Musa A.S. when he claimed Prophethood?

We all know that the Pharaoh was the most powerful person in ancient Egypt. In fact, Pharaoh is not a person, it is an office. The ruler of ancient Egypt used to be called Pharaoh.

In an earlier post, we have already told the story of Hazrat Musa A.S. He was born in Bani Israel during the time when Pharaoh had ordered to kill every newborn son of Bani Israel.

Hazrat Musa grew up in the house of Firawn just like his own son. Firawn who killed thousands of boys in Bani Israel didn’t know that the only one he spared would cause the reason for his downfall. There is a lesson in the story that everything is possible for Allah.

Once Hazrat Musa A.S. killed an Egyptian while supporting someone from Bani Israel. The Pharaoh passed the verdict that Musa should be captured. When Hazrat Musa A.S came to know this, he left the city immediately to Madyan.

At Madyan, Hazrat Musa A.S. settled down in the area which is called Al Bida, Saudi Arabia. We have covered the part of the story of how he settled down there in an article well of Moses. He spent around 10 years in that area.

Prophet Musa A.S. was bestowed with prophethood. He along with his brother Hazrat Haroon A.S. were ordered to visit Pharaoh and to invite him to accept Islam and release Bani Israel. Hazrat Musa was given some miracles to prove his prophethood.

When Hazrat Musa and Hazrat Haroon preached Pharaoh, he didn’t listen to them. He even disregarded the miracles and blamed him for sorcery. He arranged a contest between a group of magicians and Prophet Musa.

Here a question arises, Why Pharaoh didn’t kill Hazrat Musa A.S. when he claimed Prophethood? I mean he could kill him easily as he was the most powerful person in Egypt. There was a risk that the Bani Israel will follow him and go for treason against Pharaoh.

When the people in his chamber asked him to kill Hazrat Musa and nip the matter in the bud, he refused. He told them that he will kill each and every son of Bani Israel but not Hazrat Musa A.S. Why?

Well, the answer is simple. When Hazrat Musa A.S. was adopted by Pharaoh, he spent his childhood in the palace just like a prince. Pharaoh of that time didn’t have any child. Later on, his wife, gave birth to a son. So Hazrat Musa and the son of the Pharaoh spent their childhood together like real brothers.

When Hazrat Musa was living in Madyan, the Pharaoh stepped down during his lifetime and handed over all the affairs of the government to his son. The same son who spent his childhood time with Hazrat Musa. He used to respect Hazrat Musa and treat him like his elder brother.

So the Pharaoh who was confronting with Hazrat Musa when he came to preach him was the one who spent his childhood with Hazrat Musa. He had the love for Hazrat Musa, that’s the reason he didn’t order to kill him when Hazrat Musa claimed prophethood.

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