Why did Prophet Muhammad perform Hajj after 2 years of Makkah conquest?

The 5th pillar of Islam, Hajj was made mandatory in the 9th year of Hijri. Before the conquest of Makkah during 8th Hijri, the Quraish had all the control of performing Hajj. They did not allow the Prophet PBUH to perform Umrah, so how could the Prophet PBUH and his companions perform Hajj?

The Hajj was not fard before 9 Hijri

The Prophet PBUH performed his Hajj in the 10 Hijri. The Muslims, however, have a question that why didn’t he perform Hajj in the 9th Hijri when it was made obligatory?

We do understand that it wasn’t possible to perform Hajj before the conquest of Makkah that took place in 8 Hijri, yet it was very much possible to perform Hajj in 9 Hijri. Looking at these questions, we analyzed Islamic history and found out the rationale behind this decision.

Makkah was conquered in 8th Hijri. The Hajj was made fard in 9th Hijri while Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. waited for 2 years and performed it in 10th Hijri. There were 3 reasons behind it.

  1. The 9 Hijri is called a year of delegations

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W received groups of Muslims who had come all the way long to get the knowledge of Islam from Prophet PBUH. You see, after the conquest of Makkah, Islam was spreading.

People who got the message of Allah, their hearts tilted towards Islam and they wanted to have knowledge of Islam so that they could completely enter in the religion.

In 9 Hijri, there were many delegations coming towards Prophet Muhammad S.A.W to get them equipped with Islamic teaching. Surely the Prophet of Allah could not leave the delegations and perform Hajj.

  1. It was a mixed gathering of Muslims and Non-Muslims

Secondly, in the 9 Hijri, it was foreseen that the mushrik would be performing Hajj and they did. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W did not want to perform Hajj with such people. In 9 Hijri it was declared that no Mushrik in the future would be allowed to perform Hajj of the Holy Kaaba.

  1. People used to perform Hajj naked

As per pre-Islamic practices of performing Hajj, people used to perform hajj nakedly, since 9 Hijri it was announced that Muslims won’t perform hajj naked.

  1. The matter of dates

Mushriks used to play with the dates of the lunar calendar every year with a margin of 10 days. In this way, Hajj was not performed on the 9th of Dhul Hijja but at some other date. It was a longstanding practice of Non-Muslims.

In the 10th Hijri, the calendar was adjusting itself to the correct date of performance of Hajj i.e. 9th of Dhul Hijja. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W delayed one year to perform the Hajj on the exact date as required by Allah. After this, an announcement was made that nobody would be allowed to play with the dates of the lunar calendar.

What if Prophet Muhammad S.A.W had performed Hajj on 9th Hijri?

You see, every step taken by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W had betterment for us. For instance, if he had performed the hajj in 9 Hijri with mushriks and naked such consequences would have taken place:

  1. Mushriks would have gotten an edge to perform Hajj in the future as they would say that they performed Hajj with Holy Prophet PBUH.
  2. It could have been difficult to perform hajj with naked people along. We would still question that is it okay to perform Hajj without covering body?

Those people who had this query in mind that why did Prophet Muhammad S.A.W delayed his Hajj, they might have gotten their query cleared out! Allah Almighty indeed is the best planner and undoubtedly, He knows the best.

Source: Islam QA

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