Why Umar ؓ behead a Muslim on a disagreement with a Jew?

A Muslim named Bashir and a Jew had a conflict on a particular matter. Bashir was on the wrong side and he knew that he had done wrong. He felt guilty and knew that if there was to be a just decision then he would lose this case.

The Jew took the case to Prophet Muhammad

Bashir proposed that they should take the case to a Jew named Ka’b ibn Ashraf. However, the Jew proposed that the matter should be taken to the justest person in all of Arab i.e. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

The Jew went to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ without the consent of Bashir. The Jew was on the right side and rightfully so, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ also made the decision in his favor.

Bashir took the case to Umar

On this, Bashir took the case to Umar Farooq رضي الله عنه‎. The Jew explained that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ had given the decision in his favor but Bashir did not agree.

Umar beheaded Bashir then and there

Upon hearing this, Umar Farooq رضي الله عنه confirmed from Bashir whether this was true or not. When Bashir said that it was true, Umar Farooq رضي الله عنه brought his sword and beheaded Bashir then and there.

Upon doing this Umar Farooq رضي الله عنه said, “The one who is not satisfied with the verdict of Allah and his Prophet ﷺ, such is the verdict of Umar.”

Bashir was a Hypocrite

Bashir tried to use different means to prove his case right. He had committed blasphemy by not accepting what the messenger of Allah had decided.

Later, Bashir’s family took the case to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ for blood money as Bashir was a Muslim.

The Holy Quran: Allah revealed the verses of the Holy Qur’an ([Nisa 4:60], [Nisa 4:61], [Nisa 4:62]) which stated that the hypocrite had tried to use false means and that he had turned away from the decision of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Therefore, no blood money was sanctioned in any way to the heirs of Bashir. Umar Farooq رضي الله عنه was not given any punishment but rather was given the title of ‘Farooq’ which means differentiator of right and wrong.

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