Why can’t Muslim women have 4 husbands?

If Islam is a just religion than why Muslim men are allowed to hold four marriages at a time while Muslim women can hold only one. Why can’t they have 4 husbands?

When it comes to marriage and the right given to men to have 4 wives at a time while women can have only one husband at a time: there is great wisdom behind it.

What would happen if Women have 4 husbands?

Let’s first talk about what would have happened if Muslim women were also allowed to have 4 husbands.  

1-In such a case, men would have been enemies of each other. Their possessive nature and strong physical attributes could have caused them to kill each other.

2-The society would have been corrupted as children wouldn’t know who biological father theirs was. No father would go ahead to fulfill the needs of children as they would not know if the child was theirs.

3-The concept of the family would lose. For instance, a woman having two husbands at a time: both not accepting that which child is theirs and woman has to divide her time among the two homes, among the two families who are owned by none but her.

Why did Allah allow only men to have 4 wives?

If I accept all the logical arguments against women having more than one husband, why men are allowed to keep 4 wives at a time?

1-It is a scientific fact that the sexual drive of men is more than women and therefore, they are allowed to marry more than one wife in Islam.

2-In the majority of the world, men are still the breadwinners. They are allowed to marry more than one wife to support widow, orphan, and other poor families.

Indeed, it is Allah who has kept all the balance and it is a perfect one!

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