Why are women not allowed to wear makeup at Saudi Universities?

Every person has a different nature. Every person has a different taste towards things. Some are a foodie, some like nature, some like reading books, and some are social and some are adventurous. See, this is something in one’s nature.[irp]

Similarly, nature differs from sex. For instance, men have taste in cars while women love to have a collection of clothes.  This is something quite natural. You would see women going crazy after makeup products, latest clothes, trendy bags, and shoes; while men would be searching for new mobiles, laptops, and cars.

So coming towards my point, I heard that some educational institutes have prohibited women from wearing makeup. They deem it so inappropriate that they can seize the female student’s education, can cancel her degree, fine her heavily and in worse cases simply expel her. Is wearing makeup such a crime?

Can’t women study with makeup? Does it lower down her IQ level or does it lower down her concentration to studies? No, makeup has no such disastrous qualities. Every woman (well most) has a desire to look pretty. Applying makeup is what she likes.

Believe me, there is no harm in looking good. Educational institutes shall focus their laws which are for the betterment of students. Laws which can ensure students are getting a quality education. Making makeup an issue is not reasonable!

Let women live guys! I don’t mean to say that makeup is life, but come on, why do you create issues out of nothing? Our educational institutes shall be enforcing harsh punishments over unethical acts undertaken by their students not on applying makeup! 

Hussa Al Mutairi: As a university student, I find that many students wear makeup on a daily basis and no one says anything to them. Most of the universities in Saudi Arabia do NOT ban women from wearing makeup. As for schools, some schools do not allow students to wear makeup, but others do.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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