Why are Saudi women against their husbands taking a second wife?

Men think that they should marry a second wife to lead a peaceful and happier life. For many men, they get bored of keeping just one wife and they have the right to enjoy their life by marrying another woman, but for women the situation is different.

They cannot tolerate their husband marrying another woman as they cannot share their husband with someone else basically other women.  If we study women psychology in detail, we come to know that no woman can tolerate and share her man with other women.

A mother cannot tolerate her son getting much closer to his wife and for a wife, she never tolerates any other women in her husband’s life. The reason behind both the situation is fear.

Both mother and wife have the fear that the woman will take her son or husband too far from her. But according to men, they get bored with their wives because of the routine of the married life and they need a change in their life.

For women, the most important thing is stability and being in a married life in which her husband provides her with every necessity she wills and this situation is hated by some men, they feel desperate and find a way out and they get it by indulging in extramarital affairs.

Extramarital affairs are tolerated by many wives, according to a recent study about women of Saudi Arabia, it came forward that women can tolerate and can live with their husband cheating them but they cannot live with their husband’s second wife.

The question was arising by some people that how can a women prefer her husband committing sin rather than keeping the second wife, a legal relation as per Sharia Law.

This is quite a disturbing question but the answer to all the question is a woman cannot live and tolerate her husband’s second wife but can manage to live with disloyalty.

On the other hand, men said they prefer to get married legally rather than keeping an illegal relation and committing sin. They said this is the main reason they get married secretly and keep this hidden from their wife and children.

Most of the men declared that their first wives are selfish and they try to ignore Shariah Law when it comes to their benefit. It is seen that if the husband marries another woman according to Sharia Law, the women continue to accuse their husband of cheating them.

It is said that if a man will get perfect attention and love from his wife he will never try to get married again or get himself involved in extramarital affairs, but if the woman is not giving perfect attention and love to her husband and fail to satisfy his needs, he will roam to find love and care.

Not to forget, the husband has the right to get married again and the women should not get upset on this. Love cannot come easily and none can buy love.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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