Why 85% of Saudi blackmail victims are under 30?

In Saudi Arabia, 85% of the blackmail victims are aged between 16 to 30 years old and about 41% percent of these are High school girls. Why is it so?

How do blackmailers get videos?

The main reason is that sometimes girls blindly trust their counterparts while sharing their private pictures and videos.

The second main reason is that while installing some unauthorized applications, they provide access to their mobile phone gallery which contains their private videos and pictures. 

What do they want?

The blackmailers usually have two main purposes for blackmailing. One is money and the other is sex.

You’ll be surprised to know that 74% of cases involve people seeking sex and only 14% involve people asking for money.

The most trending type of blackmailing was using social media applications (57%), in which the blackmailer asked for sexual favors or money.

The good thing is that 99% of the reported cases the blackmailer does not succeed in his/her agenda. Blackmailers are not only males as female blackmailers also exist.

How to avoid blackmailing?

You can avoid such type of blackmailing by avoidance and educating your children about it.

First of all, both boys and girls should be sensitive to the data they are sharing or saving in their phones. Every phone can be hacked and your data can be misused.

Secondly, parents should develop a friendship relationship with their children so if something wrong happens, they can tell them about it. So that parents can control it.

Source: Gulf News

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