Whoever grows the tallest plant will be appointed as the new King!

There was an emperor who was becoming old. He knew that it was not possible for him to look after the Kingdom. He decided to step down and let someone else be the emperor. He did have sons who could be the hires to the crown, yet he was a wise fellow.

He didn’t want any of his sons to be new King

He did not want to give the emperorship to any of his sons, rather he wanted someone truthful to hold the crown. So, one day he called the youth of the kingdom to his palace and announced that his age does not allow him to look after the kingdom and thereby he had decided to choose a new emperor.

He distributed seeds among youth

This was a great shock for his own sons, yet no one could do anything as the emperor had passed the decision. He told the youth that they must succeed in a challenge to become an emperor. He distributed seeds among the youth: each boy was given one seed.

The emperor said that each seed is a special one and that they must plant the seed. Exactly after one year the youth shall bring in the plants they have grown from the seed and the emperor will choose the hire from the best plant.

Everyone took part in the competition to be the new King

Everyone was happy, it was such an easy task. No one would have expected that the challenge would be a simple one. So everyone got their pots and planted the seed. Among the youth was a boy named Ahmed. He went home and told his mother about the challenge. The mother arranged a pot and soil for Ahmed to take part in the challenge.

Ahmed planted the seed too

He was giving water to it every day and would observe it carefully in a hope that shoots will spur. He would notice that all his friends around were very happy: all of them had managed to grow a plant from the special seed. Yet Ahmed’s seed would not grow into a plant. Ahmed kept on watering the seed and took care of it.

Soon everyone around him had raised good plants from their seeds. Ahmed did not tell anyone that his seed has not produced anything. Weeks went by, months went by but nothing grew. 1 year passed away and Ahmed’s pot was empty.

The day of the competition arrived

Finally, the day arrived when the plants were to be presented to the emperor. Ahmed decided not to go as he had not been able to grow a plant. All his friends have grown splendid plants. Ahmed had a feeling that he had expired the seed and it was his mistake that the seed did not grow as the seeds of other’s had grown.

Ahmed was reluctant to go with an empty pot before the emperor. Yet his mother encouraged him to go as he had with dedication tried all his best to grow the plant out of the seed. When Ahmed reached the palace with the empty pot he was disappointed at his empty pot. Everyone else has grown beautiful and healthy plants, except Ahmed.

People were laughing at him

People were laughing at Ahmed’s empty pot. Some mocked him with saying “nice try”. While others said that he could have done better. Ahmed could feel how people were looking down at him. He felt so embarrassed that he wanted to leave. When the emperor entered the room, Ahmed wanted to disappear.

Ahmed hid behind. The emperor was very happy to see that the kids have arrived with plants. He appreciated the efforts of the kids in upbringing the plants. While he moved forward carefully examining all the plants, he saw an empty pot. He was curious and surprised to see an empty pot.

The King approached the empty pot

He approached the empty pot and inquired that to whom it belongs. Ahmed was shivering, he must get punished for not growing a plant out of the seed that the emperor had provided. Ahmed, however, stepped forward and claimed that the pot belonged to him. The king reached for his hand and declared that this boy is the new emperor.

Everyone was shocked

The emperor asked the name of the boy who was equally in shock as the rest of the people in the palace. Ahmed uttered his name. The emperor then said that Ahmed is your new emperor as he is the only truthful person out here.

The emperor then explained that he had distributed boiled seeds to everyone out of which no plant could have been grown. Only Ahmed was the loyal and courageous one to not have changed the seed. Being loyal and following the right path may be tough, but Allah loves such people and rewards them.

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