How Imam Bukhari collected 600,000 Hadith?

Imam Bukhari is a familiar name to many Muslims as his recorded Hadiths are considered the most authentic ones in Islam. He collected 600,000 Hadith and wrote only around 7,200 in Sahi Bukhari.

His collection of Prophet Muhammad’s actions, habits, words and events related to the Prophet’s life are a great source of knowledge.

Childhood of Imam Bukhari

Abu Abdullah Mohamed bin Ismail Al-Bukhari was born in Bukhara in 194AH. He was raised by his mother alone, as his father died during childhood.

She educated her intelligent son. Imam Bukhari was a bright student; he could memorize and learn quickly.

He got an eye disease, and it was believed that he would lose sight, but he soon got rid of it.

how did imam bukhari collected hadith

The Youth of Imam Bukhari

As a young boy, Imam Bukhari had memorized the Quran completely. He, during his youth, had memorized thousands of Hadiths. He would give visits to religious scholars as well.

When he performed his Hajj, he was only 16 years old; he went to Makkah with his mother and brother. He then stayed there to learn more about Islam.

The journey of collecting Hadiths

After visiting Makkah and staying there, he decided to collect the Hadiths. He remained in Makkah for six years to collect the Hadiths.

Imam Bukhari Hadith Collection

After that, he went to different countries for that very purpose. He traveled to Baghdad, Kufa, Damascus, Egypt, Khorasan, and many other nations.

He studied the Prophet’s life and then hunted for Hadiths. He devoted all his time and effort to the very purpose. This was a difficult task, but he had a passion for it.

Imam Bukhari Hadith collection criteria

Imam Bukhari sticks by an approach that does not let anyone doubt the authenticity of Hadiths he has collected.

He would first perform a Wudu (a virtue performed before offering Salah) followed by two Rakat Salah and then jot down a Hadith.

Imam Bukhari tomb in Uzbekistan
Imam Bukhari tomb in Uzbekistan

He would choose a Hadith after carefully inquiring about the;

  • narrators and the references to it.
  • The person who was narrating a Hadith or an event related to Prophet  Muhammad ﷺ shall be trustworthy, disciplined, and honest.
  • Only then the Hadiths would be selected.

Source: Al Arabiya

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