Who was Asya A.S.? one of the 4 most pious women in the world

The Holy Prophet PBUH informed the Muslim Ummah that Hazrat Asya is one of the 4 Best Women in the History of Mankind. As per her reward, she would be among the first ones to enter the Paradise. Subhan Allah.

This makes us keen to know about Hazrat Asya R.A.  Here are all the details that you need to know about Hazrat Asya.

Hazrat Asya A.S. was the wife of an Egyptian Pharaoh. She was the one who spotted Hazrat Musa A.S. sailing in the river Nile in a basket. She asked her maids to fetch the basket in which a beautiful baby, Musa, was kept.

Her heart melted for the baby and she wanted to keep him. She asked the Pharaoh that if she could adopt the child, the Pharaoh agreed to it.

Actually, the Pharaoh was on a mission of killing the male babies of Israel as it was told to him by a fortune teller that a son of Israel would defeat the pharaoh and overtake the thrown.

He feared his defeat and started killing the male babies of Israel to undo the future. Hazrat Musa grew up in the house of Firawn just like his own son.

Firawn who killed thousands of boys in Bani Israel didn’t know that the only one he spared would cause the reason for his downfall. There is a lesson in the story that everything is possible for Allah.

Once Hazrat Musa A.S. killed an Egyptian while supporting someone from Bani Israel. The Pharaoh passed the verdict that Musa should be captured. When Hazrat Musa A.S came to know this, he left the city immediately to Madyan.

At Madyan, Hazrat Musa A.S. settled down in the area which is called Al Bida, Saudi Arabia. We have covered the part of the story of how he settled down there in an article “wells of Moses”. He spent around 10 years in that area.

Prophet Musa A.S. was bestowed with prophethood. He along with his brother Hazrat Haroon A.S. were ordered to visit Pharaoh and to invite him to accept Islam and release Bani Israel.

He invited everyone to Islam. Hazrat Asya readily accepted his call. Even though her husband did not allow her, but she was fearless.

Her heart was towards Allah and nothing stopped her from following the right path. She firmly believed in Allah’s oneness. The Pharaoh was cruel towards the Muslims, yet the pious lady did not fear him.

She kept her religion a secret but could not kept the secret for a long time. She was deeply hurt be seeing the suffering of Bani Israel around her.

So she stood up for them. She gave her throne, she stepped down from being the queen and openly claimed that her religion was Islam and she would only worship Allah Almighty.

On this, the Pharaoh became angry with her. Although Pharaoh loved his wife Hazrat Asya A, S. a lot, but knowing that if her wife accepts the religion of Hazrat Musa A.S., there will be many among his followers to follow Hazrat Musa, he gave hardest punishments to Hazrat Asya A.S.

Hazrat Asya A.S. one of the most pious women in the world died during her punishment. Yet she died as a Muslim.

She gave up her wealth, worldly pleasures, her status and comfort for the sake of Allah. Her last words have been recorded in the Quran in Surah at Tahrim as follows,

“My Lord, build for me near You a house in Paradise and save me from Pharaoh and his deeds and save me from the wrongdoing people” – Quran 66:11

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