The Expat who took selfie on the roof of Saudi Police Car

An Indian driver snatched away the policeman’s gun and damaged the police vehicle. A video that showed a man damaging a police car and then pulling the arm of the policeman made rounds on social media. The people were questioning the truth behind the video.

Obviously, the shocking video had to raise questions. In the video, a man was seen sitting on a police car and taking a selfie of him. Then he started to hit the vehicle. As soon as the people and policemen approached him, he started being violent towards them.

He pulled the policeman’s arm and tried to steal away the gun. The Riyadh police came up with the explanation of the video. According to the media spokesperson at the Riyadh police, the man seen in the video is an Indian driver.

The 27 years old expat was providing driving services to a Saudi national. On Sunday, October 8, 20, 7 the employer of the driver called in the security patrol operations and notified that the expat driver had tried to commit suicide.

The security teams got alert and rushed towards the location where the Indian driver was. As they reached, they saw that the driver was undergoing hysteria. He was not acting normally and thereby it became necessary to deal with him calmly.

The man was posing danger to himself, it was necessary to make his condition normal before he could harm himself. He could have done anything as he first had already tried to commit suicide. The security teams took control of the man in the best possible way, they made sure that he did not undergo any injury.

He was then given the necessary medication to pull him out of his hysteric condition. A specialized doctor gave him a medical checkup and revealed that the man was not normal, he is undergoing certain psychological disorders.

After he was done with his treatment, he was headed towards the police station.  A notice was sent down to the Public Prosecution Branch to look up into his case and take necessary steps.

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