Who is more Oppressed? A Saudi Woman or A Western Woman?

The western media has left no stone unturned while portraying the image of a Muslim wife or woman as that of being oppressed. Due to this negative portrayal of Muslim women, the religion received a lot of heat from all those who oppose it, causing all Muslims to be termed as oppressive. The women of the western world have fought long and hard for their rights and these movements have been given all the media coverage they could possibly receive, and it is no doubt a great step in empowering women. Women in Africa amongst other countries are still fighting for rights to empower women; however, I refuse to believe that the lives of a married woman have changed generally.[irp]

In the case of married women, we take the examples of 3 women from 3 different cultures and different countries. Firstly, we take Helen, who is a 34-year-old woman with 2 kids. She has been married for 8 years and works as a nurse while also doing her undergrad. Every day she has to wake up early in the morning and perform her “mom duties” as most would call them, these include cooking breakfast packing lunch and getting ready while also planning the schedule for the day ahead. All this while she has to juggle her work and studies alongside motherly responsibilities.

Secondly, we have Dolly who a 41-year-old woman is living in West Africa city with her 5 children and husband. She works as the wardress in the biggest and main prison in her town. Much like Helen, she too has to get up early in the morning and do pretty much all the same things, although she may not have to worry about studies.

Finally, we have Eman, a 42-year-old Saudi mom who lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with 5 children and 2 maids. She also works as a programmer in a public institution. Similarly, to the other two ladies above she too has to get up in the morning but to supervise the maids who will cook, clean and prepare everything. She will then go off to work with her husband, while the driver drops off the Kids to school. When she returns home, her meal is ready, prepared by the maid, after this, she takes a nap and then helps the children with homework.

While most of the people criticize the Muslim woman, know that she is living a far easier life than that of a working mother in any western country or otherwise. Maids cannot be afforded in western countries and neither can chauffeur hence the wife has to do all the work because the Husband thinks that is the mom’s job. The African man is also only concerned with the fact that whether his wife is performing her motherly duties well and does not see all the hard work she does to keep the system of the house running.[irp]

My point being that the Muslim working woman in Saudi Arabia, whose rights and freedom are so dear to the western media and women’s rights activists, are currently living an easier life compared to the other 2 and if just wearing Hijab is more oppressive than working as a robot, then that’s what’s wrong with society.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.