Who is considered Mahram in Islam? Some Common Misconceptions

Islam defines specific and solid ways of lifestyle in order to prevent any kind of irregularities in the world. For this reason, Islam has defined different lifestyles for both genders on this planet. Males have to follow their own code of conduct and women are bound to stick to their own ethical standards.

Women have to cover their body parts when they are out for any purpose or with non-Mahram. A Mahram is a person who is allowed by Islam to stay with women without any need of coverings of the veil. There is a specific list of persons who are considered as Mahram for a woman.[irp]

When the society starts ignoring instructions and rules of Islam set in order to keep relationships at the right place, society and people get to fall in the trauma of instability. Islam sets the parts of the body to be covered by a woman in order to prevent men from being urged to immoral acts.

The concept of Mahram and non-Mahram is totally exploited by enemies of Islam as they want to set the culture of immoral acts in Islamic society. The basic reason of this propaganda is to snatch modesty of Muslim women and to ruin Islamic culture.

There are 3 kinds of Mahram relations i.e. Mahram relations by Blood, Mahram relations by Marriage and Mahram relations by Breastfeeding.

List of Mahram relationships by Blood

1-Your descendants (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren)

2-Your ascendants (Parents, Grandparents, great grandparents)

3-Descendants of your parents (Brother, Sister, Half Brother, Half Sister, children of your brothers, sisters, half-brothers, and half-sisters)

4-The first generation of your grandparents (Father’s brothers and sisters including half-brothers and half-sisters, mother’s brothers and sisters including half-brothers and half-sisters)

List of Mahram relationships by Marriage


2-Ancestors of your Husband/Wife (parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents of your Husband or Wife)

3-Husband/Wife of your Descendants (Son-in-Law, Daughter-in-Law, Husband, and Wife of your grandchildren)

4-Husband/Wife of your Ancestors (Mother’s Husband, Father’s Wife, Husband of grandmother, wife of grandfather)

5-Decedents of your Husband (Step Son, Step-Daughter)

List of Mahram relationships by Breastfeeding

1-If you are breastfed within 2.5 years of age by any woman, she is your mahram

2-All her children

3-All the children who are breastfed by the same lady

4-Common Misconceptions about Mahram relations

5-Brother-in-Law or Sister-in-Law is not Mahram

6-Cousins are not Mahram relations

7-Husband of your mother’s sister, wife of your mother’s brother, husband of your father’s sister and wife of your father’s brother is not mahram relations

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.