Who Can Donate blood to whom?

Donating blood is important. The patients in a hospital require blood or its certain component for various reasons. Thereby a flow of blood donation shall be there to meet the requirements of patients at hospitals.

Blood can only be made within the human body, doctors and scientists cannot create blood in labs! But those patients that need blood, their body is incapable to generate it. So some healthy volunteer can donate theirs. Blood donation is vital.

According to studies by the age of 75, 95% of this category population will require blood or its components. Unluckily less than 5% of the eligible population donates their blood. This is alarming: we need more generous donors!

Anyone who is healthy and ages 16 and more can donate his blood for sake of rescuing the life of another person. However, the necessary condition for the donor is that he must be healthy and he must weigh at least 50Kg. 

The weight is not a big deal: any healthy person of 16 years of age shall have a weight of 50Kg. But one must have his/her parent’s permission for blood donation.

People do have worries when it comes to blood donation, although it is safe and sound. An average person has 10-12 pints of blood and it is totally safe to donate 1 Pint of it. The body can afford such a minor loss which can be a lifesaver for others.

There are people out there who require blood, for example, one who faced a major accident. Or there are people who need its components, for instance, those patients who went through a trauma or surgery need red blood cells.

Also, Red blood cells are required by patients with anemia. The cancer patient’s platelets are destroyed during chemotherapy and radiation and thereby require platelet transfusion. Also, those got burned need plasma!

The fluid or plasma can be regenerated by the body within 24 hours. So the loss of blood shall be covered within a day. The red cells take about five weeks to regenerate which allows one to donate blood again after eight weeks!

Blood donation carried through sterile and disposable needles and syringes are totally safe. There is a misconception that after blood donation, people feel weak. Most of the people certainly feel fine after blood donation.

A blood donor should try to intake healthy foods and fluids after blood donation and should avoid exercise and lifting of heavy objects for 12 hours.

A blood donor should have a healthy diet which contains iron so that red cells can regenerate and allow sustaining required level of hemoglobin for blood donation. The following chart explains who can donate blood to whom.

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