7 Famous places to buy Zamzam Water in Riyadh

Zamzam is unique special water with great Islamic history for Muslims. The well of Zamzam is located in Masjid ul Haram and is easily available in Makkah and Madinah. It is miraculous water sent from God which everyone loves to drink and craves for it.

It is linked to the most important personalities in Islamic history mainly our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Ismail (peace be upon them) and Ismail’s mother Hajra (may Allah be pleased with her).

As far as Muslims or expats in Riyadh are considered they need to buy Zamzam bottles. There is King Abdullah Zamzam Water Distribution Center in Makkah which is the prime source for people living in Riyadh to buy Zamzam from.

Recently the government has announced that only 4 bottles of Zamzam can be bought per 10 days by a person holding one iqama.

1-Due to this restriction in buying Zamzam water, the supermarkets raised prices for it throughout the Kingdom. The price of 1 Zam Zam bottle in Riyadh reached to about R25- SR 30.

To combat the situation obviously, people started searching for cheaper Zamzam bottles across Riyadh and finally after 2 months it was reported that one of the supermarkets, Basateen Al Qasim, Almughirah Ibn-Shubah was selling the Zamzam bottle for SR 15 in Riyadh. GPS Coordinates: 24.757103, 46.662786

2-Other places include Muhammad Al Maqdimi, Al Ghadir which is in Riyadh near some petrol pump where Zamzam was available rarely but for SR18 per bottle. GPS Coordinates: 24.776514, 46.658946

3-A place was suggested by Abdullah Al Riyalat behind the Al Rajhi Grand Mosque in Riyadh where there were lots of trucks loaded with Zamzam water selling it for SR15 for 10-liter bottles each. GPS Coordinates: 24.676711, 46.779321

4-There is one more place on Madinah Munawarrah road in Ad-Dirah District, in Riyadh where there are multiple shops providing Hajj and Umrah facilities. These shops also sell Zam Zam in 10-liter bottles at a price varying from SR 13-SR 15 for each bottle.

When bought in bulk around 10 to 15 bottles they provide a discount leading to SR11 per bottle. The price increases in business seasons as in Ramadan and Hajj because of the reduced availability of Zam Zam water. Packed bottles for air travel are also available. GPS Coordinates: 24.629393,46.715841

5-There is an Islamic Shop in the corner of Imam Saud Road named Al-Hayat center who also sell Zamzam water bottles.

The price revolves around SR 20 to 25. Sometimes the shipment is not reached resulting in a shortage of Zamzam. GPS Coordinates: 24.747114,46.661047

6-The next place where Zamzam is available for SR 15 is a shopping center within the premises of King Saud University located in Riyadh which is not accessible to everyone because of the location of the university.

There is also an Umrah service office named ‘Madina Group’. GPS Coordinates: 24.714615,46.626102

7-There is a shop on Abu Bakr siddiq road as well on exit-6 near the Shawya & fitness time.

Some of them in Riyadh sell the usual tap water in the name of Zamzam just to mint money. This is totally haram and they will be answerable to God for cheating others and taking advantage of them.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.