7 markets or shops to buy gold in Madinah

When pilgrims from around the world come to Madinah, they often buy gold or gold jewelry from different places in Madinah. There are many gold shops and markets, and pilgrims get confused about where to buy the best quality gold in Madinah.

Gold Rate in Madina

However, the rates of gold in Madina are slightly higher than the rates of gold in Jeddah. Here is a list of some recommended gold shops and markets from where you can buy the best quality gold in Madinah.

Taiba Gold Shop

One of Madinah’s most famous shops to buy gold is the Taiba Gold Shop on the Qiba Road market. The Gold shop tends to offer unique designs at a very reasonable cost. They have an array of varieties, and prices are amazing. The quality of gold is a trusted one!

However, the only problem with Taiba Gold Shop is that it is not within walking distance from Masjid al Nabawi. Pilgrims have to take a taxi to visit the place.

Taiba Gold Shop in Madina

Damas Jewelry

The people of Madinah are in love with the jewelry they offer. The jewelry there is so attractive they people cannot resist buying it! This is the reason Damas Saudi is one of the most preferred places for the people of Madinah to buy the best quality gold in the market.

Damas Jewelry in Madina

Alotaibi Jewelry Store

Well-built gold shops, quality gold, best designs, and trained staff is what make Alotaibi one of the most recommended places to buy gold in Madinah. People are in love with the professionalism of the staff there.

They offer brilliant designs and the latest trends. Although it is a little away from the main gold market of Masjid al Nabawi, Madinah, it is still worth visiting.

Alotaibi Jewelry Store in Madina

Al Astura

One of the highly recommended shops to buy gold in Madinah is Al Astura gold shop. The shop is well known for serving its customers kindly and providing them with quality products. Visiting the bright gold shop is worth the experience.

Bareeq Silver Jewelry

If you are interested in buying silver jewelry in Madina, there is no better place than Bareeq Jewelry.

There is only one problem with Bareeq Jewelry is that it is situated far away from the gold market of Masjid al Nabawi, Madinah. Pilgrims have to take a taxi to visit them.

Bareeq Silver Jewelry in Madina


Fayendra has become one of the most favorites to buy gold jewelry in Madina for women as they have hired specialized and well-trained female staff.

They are also well known for their outrageous and stylish designs. And guess what? They put on up to 50% off on selected items on special occasions!

Malabar Gold and Diamonds

The small store has way too much to offer you, and they also have some special offers on special occasions. Obviously, the name of Malabar doesn’t need an introduction, as everyone knows about their quality.

If you are buying something to gift to someone else and you are not very good at shopping for gold, this is the best place in Madinah to go and buy gold from.

Malabar Gold and Diamonds in Madina

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