7 markets or shops to buy gold in Khobar

If you are living in Khobar, you must be aware that there are certain markets and shops where you can buy the best quality gold jewelry. We have mentioned the best gold shops in Khobar below.

North Khobar Gold Market

If you want to buy gold at good prices, head to the North Khobar gold market where you will find many shops competing with each other. This is where local Saudis buy gold from. However, keep in mind that the rate of gold here would be higher than the gold markets in Jeddah.

Rashid Mall gold market

Khobar’s oldest and most iconic Rashid Mall also has a gold market from where you can buy different styles of jewelry at affordable prices. Rashid Mall is the second most preferred place to buy Gold after North Khobar Gold Market.


Malabar Gold and Diamond

Many people claim Malabar is a perfect place to buy gold in Khobar. Malabar not only tends to provide quality gold with great designs (that are usually Indian or Asian-inspired) but also tends to provide a safe, secure, and communicative environment. The customers are delighted by the staff’s behavior and services.

Malabar Gold Shop in Khobar

Joyalukkas Jewelry

If you are looking for Indian-style gold jewelry, a market has been created around the Lulu Hypermarket in Khobar. Numerous gold shops are located near the International Philippines school.

Out of many shops in the market, Joyalukkas Jewelry is the most well-known for buying gold in the city.

Joyalukkas Jewelry Location.

Joyalukkas Jewelry - best place to buy Gold in Khobar

Al Fardan Jewelry

Al Fardan Jewelry store tends to offer quality gold at reasonable prices. Moreover, it is equipped with the latest jewelry trends, which is why people living at or around Corniche prefer to buy gold from this place in Khobar.

Al Fardan Gold Jewelry in Khobar

Gouba Jewelries

Gouba Jewelries not only has good prices but also tends to attract customers due to its professional dealings. The trained staff tends to cater to the customers in the most suitable way. This is how customers feel pampered and want to come to this place to buy gold in Khobar.

Lapis Jewelry

They are equipped with all sorts of designs, be it latest or old fashioned! People tend to have good buying experience with them. Many people have shared good reviews about this shop as they love to buy gold from this shop in Khobar.

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