8 Markets to buy Gold in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, a Kingdom blessed with luxuries like gold and petrol. People who come to Saudi Arabia from around the world for Hajj and Umrah visit gold shops and gold markets in Jeddah to buy gold. In this article, we have listed 8 gold souk in Jeddah.

Women anywhere in the world love to wear jewelry whether it may be a small piece of ring whatever price it is. When the jewelry is made of gold, it’s like a women’s own treasure. Last year during Hajj, the gold prices brisk low, increasing the business of gold shops in Jeddah.

1.Kandara Gold Market or Yamama Gold Market

Yamama Gold Market is the new name of Kandara Gold Market in Jeddah. If you want to search for this place on Google Maps, you will have to search for the Yamama Gold Market. Most of the old people who have been living in Jeddah for a long time, know this place as Kandara Gold Market.

Souq Yamama is a great place to buy gold in Jeddah. My wife loves to buy Gold from this place. You can find all kind of designs there. You can find a sales representative with adequate English-speaking ability in almost every shop.

While people may vary in their opinions, I think the Kandara Gold market is the best place to buy gold in Jeddah or perhaps the entire country. There are around 100 gold shops there which makes it very easy for the customers to buy gold at a competitive rate.

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2.Jeddah Balad Gold Market

Good quality gold can be bought from Jeddah Balad Gold Market.  A wide range of jewelry is found and at a reasonable cost. It’s a crowded and oldest market of Jeddah. Lots of old building and traditional cuisine is found there. It is also called Gold Souk in Balad.

Jeddah Balad Gold Market is situated around Sharbathili Building, which is a famous landmark in the Balad area. While there are many gold shops in Balad Jeddah, the most famous shop of the Jeddah Balad Gold Market is Malabar Gold & Diamonds. We have given the map location of Jeddah Balad Gold Market here.

Atlas jewelry is a brand of gold jewelry of India. A wide range of modern and traditional jewelry is sold at this brand. Atlas jewelry is found in Jeddah in Al Balad Souk. However, recently some people have commented that Atlas Jewelry shop has been closed from Jeddah Balad Gold Market. We are not aware of any new location of this gold shop in Jeddah.

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3.Gold Market in Safa, Jeddah

The gold market in Safa district of Jeddah is also a good market to buy gold as there are around 25 to 30 gold shops there. The rates offered there are quite competitive, however, you will not find the variety of jewelry there as you can find in Kandara gold market. We have given the Goops Maps location of this place here.

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4.Gold Market in Bani Malik Jeddah

The Gold Market in Bani Malik, Jeddah is a nice place with a large number of gold shops.  We were able to find something we had in mind within an hour.

However, there are some people near the taxi drop off area who try to encourage you to visit their store and buy what I thought were fake watches. Ignore them. We have given the location of Gold Market in Bani Malik in this link.

5.The Gold Market in Hindawiya District

For a long time, the gold market under the Gold Building has remained very famous to buy gold in Jeddah. It is an old-fashioned building and many memories of the people who have been living in Jeddah for a long time are associated with it.

However, I personally don’t recommend anyone this place to buy gold in Jeddah because of most of the gold shops have been moved from there to other places.

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6.Gold Shops in Shopping Malls

There are many gold shops available in different shopping malls of Jeddah and the quality of gold available it is also very good. However, I only have one reservation with those shops as they charge a higher rate than the gold rates available in the market.

Numerous gold shops are available in Jeddah. Musalli & Raises jewelry shops are widely available in Jeddah Mall, Al Najr international Souk, and Syrian Souk. Gold shops are also found in Hera mall and Hijaz Mall.

7.Gold Souk of Al Sagha

Gold Souk of Al Sagha in the southeast of Jeddah specializes in selling gold, silver and diamonds, a very popular market during the Islam festivals like Hajj.

Al Sagha souk in Jeddah has lots of gold shops located there too. To get the best deal of gold jewelry in the gold store, remember to negotiate as much as possible.

8.Mouawad Jewelry and Watches

Mouawad, a luxury jeweler, and watchmaker opened its first store in Jeddah, Jameel Square. They offer the latest and unique design difficult to find elsewhere.

Mouawad is a celebrity brand, celebrities from the Middle East as well as internationally wear Mouawad jewelry. We have given the Google Maps location of this gold shop here.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.