5 best stores to buy furniture in Riyadh

While setting up your house, you must be looking for some stores and markets where you can buy cheap yet high-quality furniture in Riyadh. Here are the places to visit for this purpose;

Haraj Furniture Market

If you want to buy the cheapest possible furniture in Riyadh with reasonable quality, head towards the Haraj furniture market. Here you can buy new as well as used furniture.

After going around the area, you will find certain shops that provide you with new furniture for instance kitchen cabinets will cost nearly SR 500/meter.

If you search the right places you can easily find something classy, modern, and within your budget.

Haraj Market in Riyadh for Cheap Furniture

Uwais Market

Uwais Market is a similar place in Riyadh where you can find all types of furniture material at cheap prices in its different stores. This market is a bit smaller than Haraj yet you can find many stores here selling furniture, rugs, carpets, and other similar material.

Uwais Market in Riyadh for cheap furniture


IKEA is at least my favorite place to buy furniture in Riyadh as you can find a range of items from cheap to premium quality. Moreover, every year there is a sales period on IKEA stores where you can buy heavy furniture items at very low prices.

Home Centre

Now we are moving towards higher quality and expensive furniture stores in Riyadh and Home Center is one of them. The outlets are in the most famous malls around the city and you can also find their online catalog that you can give a look at before visiting.

Pottery Barn & West Elm

Pottery Barn and West Elm are extremely expensive stores to buy furniture in Riyadh but their quality is also matchless. A mere touch on their dining table or chair tells you the reason they are so expensive. 

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