From where should I buy furniture in Riyadh?

One of the most amazing experiences that I genuinely find while shopping and being in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is to start over with a new life, to indulge myself in re-decorating based on the trends and designs of the year. For anyone, what could possibly be more entertaining? This does however on all those who know exactly how to be creative and let their creativity fall out in each room and every tile they step on. If you’ve moved into the Kingdom there are plenty of things that you’ll need to know about the Kingdom that I have brought about in other thousands of our reads that are posted on a regular basis. Though today’s read will be a bit more informative, giving you a genuine outline on the locations you can make your way to for furniture and interior shopping.  Once in the state, you’ll find and see yourself staring at show pieces in stores with expensive and breathtaking furniture items including beds, coffee tables, heavy seats (more like thrones), carpets and rugs and much than what you would ever need.[irp]

HARAJ SOUQ: This is one of the cheapest places to find you furniture and second-hand merchandise. Though not everything you find will be second hand. After going around the area, you will find certain shops that provide you with new furniture for instance kitchen cabinets will cost nearly 500 Saudi Riyal per meter. Similarly, you wouldn’t even have to spend 10,000 Saudi Riyal on just a bed. If you search the right places you can easily find something classy, modern and within your budget. This place will be an ideal location for your shopping.

OWAIS SOUQ: This is again a similar market where you can find all the types of rugs you need and carpets you can ever put a foot on ranging from 30-100 SR per meter depending upon the material.

SACO WORLD: The men out there will always be talking about this hardware store that gives you the option of choosing and wandering about this place that provides you with almost everything you need whether office furniture or things to put in sheds and garages. You may need to place orders for certain things and come back to collect after a few days.

IKEA: This store has many options and my personal favorite is the AS IS Section that offers the display items used by the store for sale. You can get most of the stuff for half the price.

HOME CENTRE: This can be a bit expensive though you can find anything for your home here. The outlets are in the most famous malls around the city and you can also find their online catalog that you can give a look before visiting.

POTTERY BARN: This shop can be very expensive especially if you’re an expat living in the States. This store provides cottage style furniture with comfort.  That wraps about it, happy furniture shopping people!

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.