Where should a visitor stay in Dubai?

As we plan to venture off, we are always told that Dubai is the place. It is a great place for tourists. However, no one ever tells us the best places in Dubai.  Places that must be explored to make the visit ever memorable. However, here are the top 7 places you can stay in Dubai as a tourist:

  1. Downtown Dubai

For first-time visitors, it is best to book Dubai hotels in the Downtown area. Why, well there are multiple reasons from being able to easily access places like City Center, Dubai Mall, and fountain and Burj Khalifa. It is also great if you are interested in sightseeing, enjoying nights, and visiting attractions. Also, if you are on business travel, this has to be the ideal place to stay. It houses the Dubai World Trade Center, best skyscrapers, and business towers.

However, bear in mind that the hotels Downtown are more expensive than in neighboring areas. Even the cheapest hotels Downtown are expensive as compared to those in Bur Dubai.

  1. Dubai Coast & Beaches

If you are on a luxury holiday and staying in Dubai, then this is the perfect place for you as it hosts iconic and luxury hotels, numerous beaches ranging from public to private, awaiting the best nightlife experience, luxury shopping centers and of course Palm Island and the Burj Al Arab.

For those, who love beaches and want to experience beach-filled days, Dubai Coast is the best place to stay. The Palm Jumeirah is a treat to the eyes! Many hotels offer a private beach, and that shall add to your luxury stay there.

  1. Old Dubai

If you are a true tourist with a passion for exploring culture and traditions, then Old Dubai is the place to stay. It houses the most budget-friendly hotels, landmark locations, Souks and markets, Dubai Museum, and the Dubai Creek. The Old Dubai is like an ancient Dubai preserved in Dubai. It has some of the most historic buildings, markets, and attractions. The Old Souk and Al-Fahidi Historical District are historical landmarks. It is a city that accounts for traditions rather than artificial life filled with tall buildings.

  1. Dubai Business Bay

If you are on business travel, opting for the Dubai Business Bay for the stay is the right decision. It is a modern locality, with enormous offices, business centers, shopping centers and of course luxury hotels.

You cannot simply underestimate this place which is still in the development phase. It already has 240 buildings ranging from offices to skyscrapers, shopping centers, and hotels. The way it is organized is amazing. All buildings are fenced with parks and canals.

  1. Bur Dubai

If you are on a budgeted stay and cannot afford much, then this is the place for you! It is one of the cheapest places in Dubai to stay. It houses budget-friendly hotels and shopping areas; you can find good options for food there as well. It has a pure local charisma and is centrally located.

  1. Deira

Well, another budget-friendly area to stay in is Dubai. It is also a cheap place if you want to go pocket-friendly during your stay in Dubai. Also, it can be light on your pocket, since it is close to the Dubai International Airport. You can fetch amazing yet cheap food here, with budgeted hotels and cheap markets to buy daily-life things.

  1. Jumeirah

If you are along with Family and kids, then Jumeirah is the best option. It has easy access to public and private beaches, some of the most amazing luxury hotels, resorts, parks, and kid’s centered attractions.

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