5 investments opportunities for expats in Saudi Arabia

There are many legal investment opportunities for expats in Saudi Arabia such as starting a small scale business, buy stocks, or fore trading. Here are the 5 best legal business opportunities for expats living in KSA.

  1. SAGIA

If you want to invest money in the fledge business as an expat, the investment through SAGIA is the best option for you. 

The capital requirements for businesses vary from industry to industry. SR 1 million for industrial licenses, SR100,000 for service licenses, SR30 million for real estate, and capital of not less than SR25 million for agri-business investments are required to get a license from SAGIA.

SAGIA - best investment in saudi arabia

  1. Investment in Property

The second investment option available for the expats living in Saudi Arabia is the investment in property. Expats can buy one residential property in Saudi Arabia.

Well, this can be a good investment opportunity for expats as they don’t have to pay the rent of the house they are living in. 

  1. Is forex trading legal in Saudi Arabia?

You can easily open a foreign currency trading account with one of the approved brokers and start trading with it. You can start from the beginning level by making a small amount of investment.

Is forex trading legal in Saudi Arabia?

  1. Can expats buy stocks in Saudi Arabia?

Another investment opportunity is that you can also open an account on Tadawul and start trading in stocks and shares.

In order to open an account with the Saudi Stock Exchange, you must have a valid bank account.

Can expats buy stocks in Saudi Arabia?

  1. Fixed Term Deposits in Banks

Another investment opportunity for expats living in Saudi Arabia is to make a fixed-term deposit in any bank account.

There are many banks including SAMBA Bank which is providing this kind of option to its customers. The fixed-term deposits offered to expats are from 7 days to 24 months.

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