Whenever he looks at his mother, tears roll down his cheeks

He moved to a new place

In this article, I am going to share a story that is truly touching for the Muslims. It is about non-Muslim mother-son duo. The mother and son lived together but when the son reached his youth, he moved on for educational purposes.

He got to know about Islam

The new place where he went, he interacted with new people and made new friends. His new friend circle consisted of Muslims who would inspire him. Slowly and gradually he got to know about the beautiful religion of Islam. He got inspired by the religion so much so that he accepted Islam.

He wanted to convert to Islam

He wanted to be a true Muslim, he would learn about Islam and would devote his time to studying and learning about Islam. Once he learned about the status of a mother. He read about the Hadith that said that when a child sees his mother with love and affection, he is given rewards. Reward as high as that of hajj.

He learned about the status of women in Islam

The status of the women is high in Islam, be it mother, daughter, sister or wife. Allah has placed heavens beneath the feet of a mother.

A man who raises his daughters well will be allowed to enter paradise while a husband who is kind to his wife is the best one. So those who think Islam has not provided with status and rights to women shall rethink.

He went back to his house to see his mother

The man was amazed at this. It had been the time since he last visited his mother. So, he thought of visiting her frequently and to behave kindly with her to earn rewards. He would go with a bunch of flowers in his hand and gifts for his mother.

He behaved kindly and nicely with her. His mother was so glad to see such a change in his son’s attitude. His son would now visit her on and off and would be so generous and kind. He would stare at his mother for long with generosity and kindness. As he would see his mother, tears would roll over his cheeks.

The mother finally asked him

His mother noticed that his son would deeply cry while looking at her. She was curious about this strange behavior and inquired from his son. The son told about the Hadith he had learned and that he now wishes to see his mother for the sake of the reward. But then he fears that his mother would not be rewarded in the hereafter as she is a non-Muslim.

He told her that he would love to see both of them enjoying the rewards of the hereafter. He started to tell his mother about Islam. His mother too was inspired by the true religion. She was amazed at the peaceful religion that protects the rights of men, women, children, minorities and in general of humanity.

The mother converted to Islam too

She said she had never heard of such a peaceful and upright religion so far. She readily accepted Islam and like her son became a practicing Muslim.

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