When will the War in Yemen End?

People are concerned about the war in Yemen ever since the 2015 storm operation has been launched to protect Yemen from the Khomeini invasion through the local Houdini agent. Many questions pop in our mind when we talk about the ongoing war and Saudi Arabia’s involvement in it.

Will Saudi Arabia and UAE bear the cost of the war on the political and economic level? Has the human cost been taken into consideration? Will there be a good result of all this? It looks like the war has been going on forever and questions have arisen. Why did Saudi Arabia attack on Houthis in Yemen?[irp]

Well, there is nothing wrong with asking questions and certainly, nobody loves war and violence anyway. But there are many things in life that we hate but we benefit from them and they might be necessary for us.

Relative to the ongoing war, in an interview the Saudi crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman said that the war in Yemen is ongoing in order ‘to prevent the Houthis from becoming another Hezbollah on our borders.’ He also said that ‘We are pursuing until we can be sure that nothing will happen there like Hezbollah again because Yemen is more dangerous than Lebanon.’

From this statement, it is clear that the ongoing war is not without a purpose. This answers the questions of many people. Being a Saudi citizen, we can never accept or allow that the Khomeini Iran makes the Houthi cancer on the borders of Saudi Arabia which is similar to the Hezbollah cancer.

This war is not something to be taken lightly as the Khomeini project represented by the Yemeni Abdul Malik Al-Houthi and his allies have made it very clear that the war is not only about the borders but also a matter of existence.

It is often thought that fighting wars means that the country cannot progress but this is not the mark of a real country, a real country continues to progress and complete the tasks at hand whether there is an ongoing war or not.

Recently Saudi Arabia launched an exceptional path that involves investing in the ‘future’ as seen in the massive NEOM project and proved this right. A great example is set by South Korea, a country in a constant state of war with their nuclear neighboring country, North Korea for around half a century, but this did not stop them from progressing and developing their economy ambitiously.

Saudi Arabia has only been in the Yemeni war for 2 years so they do not need to worry about the progress of the country as it can be dealt with side by side. Another reason to defeat the Houthis is to protect the massive Saudi-Egyptian projects on the Red Sea.

These projects must be secured at all costs and the Houthis must be expelled from the Yemeni coasts so that they do not pose a threat towards them. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman highlighted the significance of Yemen and Bab al-Mandeb when he said that if anything goes wrong there, the world would suffer as 10% of the world trade would shut down!

Source: Al Arabiyax

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