What happened when someone urinated in Masjid al Nabawi?

Anas Bin Malik رضي الله عنه has reported an incident when a bedouin came to Masjid al Nabawi and started urinating there in the presence of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

The companions of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ were sitting in Masjid al Nabawi attending the lectures delivered by the Holy Prophet when a Bedouin came into the mosque and went to a corner.

This was what caught the attention of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and his companions as he did not approach them rather went to another corner. What surprised them next was that he started to urinate.

What happened when someone urinated in Masjid al Nabawi

The companions, in a gush, sat up and were to run for him but Prophet Muhammad ﷺ asked them to stop. He asked them to let him go (unhurt) and to let him finish.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ then asked the companions to fetch a bucket of water and to clean the spot.


What is purer than Masjid al Nabawi? Who can be more honorable than Prophet Muhammad ﷺ? Just imagine how Muslims would treat a Non-Muslim if he comes to a Masjid and starts urinating? Prophet Muhammad ﷺ taught us to be patient.

Source: Sahi Bukhari 6025

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