When Crown Prince MBS son came late to school

On a particular day, the eldest son of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman found himself running late for school. Despite his royal status, he was no exception to the school rules and regulations.

As he reached the entrance of the school, the administration informed him that he would not be permitted to enter as he was late. Despite his pleas to be let in, the school staff stood firm and the prince was forced to return home.

When someone complained to Prince Mohammed bin Salman about the management of the school. In response, the Crown Prince appreciated the school but also made it clear that if the school management had treated the individual differently for being the Prince’s son, he would have taken disciplinary action against them.

The statement implies that the Crown Prince takes a fair and just approach to issues of privilege and nepotism, and is committed to ensuring that all individuals are treated fairly and without bias.

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A visionary leader possesses qualities such as foresight, creativity, innovation, and critical thinking. They are able to identify opportunities for growth, anticipate challenges, and come up with solutions that benefit the entire nation. With their leadership, a country can become great and achieve its full potential.

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