What your future child will look like? A Scientific Guide

How my children will look like? It is quite an interesting question for many people. Luckily, we are living in the age of technology and science where scientists have done so much research in this matter. Even they can give us comparatively convincing replies long before a new phase of life begins.

So here’s a rough guideline that will help you to find out how your future children will look? What would be the color of your children’s eyes or hairs, for example, blue-eyed or brown-haired? Do they have a small nose or a big one, or other things? Literally, anyone can go through this article and make a guess about the looks of their future children. Fascinating![irp]

Strong and weak genes: In recent times science has made so much progress that today it can be predicted that what features or physical characteristics your child will inherit from you. All this info is somewhere concealed or encoded into your genetic factor and it can be either weak or strong.

For example, Strong genes resulted in dark complexion with colored eyes; hair might be curly and dark; face features can be a quite big nose and thick lips with a wide chin.

Same as mentioned above, in the case of Weak genes, the physical characteristics might be Red and light-colored straight hair with gray or blue eyes and light skin color. There might be a chance that these children would be left-handed.

Eye Color: Generally, children inherit their eye color either from their mother or from their father. The eye colors of the parents predict the eye color of your baby. By analyzing the chart given in the image, you can see your customized baby eye color by selecting mom’s and dad’s eye colors. 

Two brown eyed parents, there can be 75% chances that they have a blue-eyed baby and the child would have brown eyes with no doubt. By these rules, it seems that two blue-eyed parents cannot have a baby with brown eye color.

Inherited physical characteristics: a Modern study has come to show the effect of the genes of the parents on their children physical characteristics.

Genes are the small pieces of molecular info that decide who we are. You can say that they are in charge for all, from your curly or straight hair to whether or not you will develop health conditions in life later on.

Children inherited some qualities from parents such as Eye color, Hair color, Chance of developing cancer, Widow’s Peak. These Genetic qualities are passed from both mothers and fathers to their children. Characteristics which are not inherited but the result of the environmental factors include being good at football, the ability to read French, being able to ride a bicycle.

The genetic traits are of two types: dominant and recessive. The dominant is the strong gene and recessive are the weak ones. When both genes combined together in an offspring, the dominant trait will always rule over the recessive trait.

One of the examples of the combination of the dominant versus recessive war is if the mother has straight hair, and the father has wavy curls, then the child would probably follow in the father’s gene and come out carrying the same curls. In this situation, the dominant gene of the wavy hair has prevailed over the other genes of straight hair.

Physical features and characteristics of a person are the results of the movement of numerous genes of their parents, so how they will look like cannot always be anticipated with 100% surety. Genes can even skip some generations and return in such a way that a person can inherit certain genes from their ancestors like grandparents or great-grandparents.

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