What will happen if we remove Saudi Arabia and UAE from the world map?

To evaluate the importance of Saudi Arabia and UAE a very practical method is to erase the two countries from the world map. Now we can imagine the new world order that will take place as a result. The biggest and major impact that will take place will be widespread terrorism.

Saudi Arabia and UAE have been the major champions whose presence and efforts have curbed terrorism for long now. It has been the result of this alliance that the terrorist organizations have been unable to spread their roots.

It is due to the presence of Saudi Arabia and UAE alliance that extremist organizations have not been able to mark their presence otherwise there is no strong regional power that could have kept check and balance on the rising extremism forces.

It is also inevitable that education sector and media which are the main targets of these extremist terrorist organizations will be under their control and the world will experience a dark future with no hope if any improvement ever.

Saudi Arabia and UAE have been fighting terrorism as part of their belief system. The two countries have been fighting terrorist organizations and have eradicated them from the root level. The people who even engage social media via twitter accounts to incite seeds of extremism were also detained.

As a result, Saudi Arabia has witnessed months of exceptional peace and tranquility. UAE has followed suit which does not allow any terrorist organization to gain hold in its state. This war against terrorism is real and not fake which makes this Saudi Emirati alliance.

Taliban and Al-Qaeda will particularly dominate if Saudi Arabia and UAE back out and this is the reason that both states are the target for offensive movements. Qatar and Doha, on the other hand, are praised as it houses terrorist groups and funds their operations.

The reason that Saudi Emirati alliance is successful in combating terrorism is the possession of money back that allows the two states to maintain military capabilities and state of art technology.

The political ideology has also helped the states to achieve their goals. It is safe to say that Saudi Arabia has engaged in a war against terrorism on behalf of everyone that has helped restore peace. There are states that are weak and have been exhausted to their limits fighting terrorism but to no avail.

Then there are other states that actually fund terrorist organizations and have mutual agreements that nurture these organizations. The Saudi Emirati alliance has also helped in adoption and promotion of a better lifestyle.


The alliance has promoted a culture of peace and tolerance. The modernization has allowed Saudi Arabia and UAE safe heaven for investors and immigrants from around the globe who aspire better and modern lifestyle.

Saudi Arabia and UAE have invested heavily in development projects and promoted businesses.  It can be safely concluded that Saudi Arabia and UAE have curbed and demolished the world of terror that these terrorist organizations wish to promote.

Source: Al Arabiya

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