What was the first impression of Kaaba? Non-Muslims who entered Makkah

The Holy Kaaba is the most important place for the Muslims and they experience overwhelming feelings of emotion when they visit it. The Holy Kaaba has not only melted the hearts of the Muslims but also of the Non-Muslims who have visited it.

Famous historians and writers have written an account of their visits to The Holy Kaaba in which they describe their excitement, emotion, and joy in visiting The Holy Kaaba. Dr. Abdullah Al-Tariqi highlighted some of the most important visits by Non-Muslims to The Holy Kaaba.

Before going any further, it is important to note that it is not allowed for non-Muslims to enter the holy city of Makkah and Madina. 

1-Jules Gervais-Courtellomont: Born near Paris in 1863, Jules was a famous French Photographer. He moved to Algeria and continued with his passion for photography. Later, he converted to Islam and went on to visit Makkah. Here he took some breath-taking photographs which he later displayed in Paris.

Jules describes his first impression of The Holy Kaaba with great emotion. He says that as he comes closer to the walls of The Holy Kaaba he imagines the events of the night, experiences hallucinations, and bewilderment.

He says that he couldn’t sleep for three days and the sound of the call of prayer pleased him. He found pleasure in visiting The Holy Kaaba every time.

2- Joseph Pitts: An Englishman born in the 17th century and obsessed with travel. He was captured by pirates and sold as a slave. He accompanied his master on a pilgrimage to Makkah. Later, he wrote an account of this pilgrimage in which he describes the first impression of The Holy Kaaba.

He says that when the Muslims see The Holy Kaaba they melt into tears, they tremble with emotions and love for their God. Pitts could not help but admire the love and emotion that the Muslims display at The Holy Kaaba.

He could not help himself from shedding tears alongside the Muslims after seeing devotion and love. 

3-German explorer Domingo Francisco: Visited Makkah in the early 19th century to perform Hajj and describes the first impression as an overwhelming experience. He says when he kissed the black stone a feeling of peace took over his body.

4-British Explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton: Europeans were banned from entering the Holy cities of Makkah and Medina and if caught the penalty was death. Sir Richard still took a chance and disguised himself as a Muslim to visit The Holy Kaaba.

He says that people shed tears and lie down on the pavement crying as they witness The Holy Kaaba. They are in a state of shock and excitement as they look up at The Holy Kaaba and pray. For Richard, all of this brought him a sense of satisfaction and a spiritual temptation.

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