What to know as an expat student in Saudi Arabia?

Studying at another country’s university offers many experiences you wouldn’t gain if you stayed in your area. You’ll develop critical thinking skills as you earn your degree, and you’ll also get to learn about another culture. If a different language is spoken, you might even pick up some words and phrases. There are a few things you should consider if you are considering becoming an expat student.

Paying for Your Degree

As an expat student, you can expect to pay high tuition fees. As an international student, you might have to pay higher prices than local ones. With higher tuition fees, you’ll need to do some more planning. See if your family’s contributions or savings can cover at least some of these expenses. You might find that your existing funds don’t go far enough, so you might want to consider taking out a student loan from a private lender to make up the difference to cover tuition. You can shop for a lower interest rate and get loans on your terms.

Considering What to Study

If you want to get the most back for your money, your program should meet your long-term goals. The way you define those is your decision, but it’s best to try to get new skills to begin your career. Not every career path is the best for you. Some colleges offer practical training for new entrepreneurs. They might be more affordable and can help you advance your career.

Ensure you choose a program that helps you build the ideal career. If you select a program that doesn’t let you meet your goals, you might face setbacks. Education is an investment in yourself, and it costs a significant amount of time. If you’re paying tuition fees in another country, you’ll also be spending quite a bit of money. It might be fun to learn about film, but the degree won’t help you become an accountant. Look at job postings in your desired career and see what qualifications are necessary.

Is Saudi Arabia Right for You?

When moving abroad, you’ll gain enriching life experiences, so it’s essential to decide if a country like Saudi Arabia is right for you. For example, think about whether you can speak the language. Many students feel they want to communicate with the locals as soon as they arrive. Even when moving to a country where you talk about the language, you might find the cultural differences lead to culture shock. But not everyone worries about that. When you start to pick up on the language, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the area. Ensure that Saudi Arabia satisfies your curiosity to learn and think about going to a school that offers language classes.

Make sure you can balance your life and studies. When students take classes in another country, they likely want to be full-time students. However, as an expat student, you might have a family or career as well. Don’t be afraid to study part-time if necessary, but make sure the school allows that before applying.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.