What to do if your ATM Card gets stuck in an ATM Machine?

Some days ago, someone commented on my blog telling his story how he lost his hard-earned money after the ATM card was stuck into ATM Machine.

It gave me an idea to write in detail what to do if ATM card is stuck in ATM Machine to avoid losing money. Precautions and the case I am referring to has been explained below.

It has happened to me once and can happen to anyone that your ATM card is stuck in the machine. It is very important to have the following mentioned precautions at the time this kind of event happens to avoid the risk of losing money.

01-If your ATM Card is stuck in the ATM Machine, wait for it for at least 10 minutes or until the time ATM Machine starts blinking in green color to welcome a new customer.

02-If your card does not come out in 10 minutes or ATM Machine starts blinking to welcome a new customer, you should stay there for the next customer. If you have another ATM card, put it inside and try to withdraw cash from it of small value.

In this way, if some money is in the process, it will come out. If it doesn’t come out, it means you are safe. If you don’t have another ATM Card, you can ask next customer on ATM Machine to do this transaction for you.

03-Next step is to block the ATM card, pay the charges of making new ATM card and apply for New ATM Card. We have explained it in detail in this link “What to do if ATM Card is lost in Saudi Arabia?”

Questions by Visitor: I tried to withdraw cash from ATM machine inside the mall (this is not my issue bank) unfortunately, no cash dispensed at that moment so I left. Moments later I got an SMS stating that I was debited!

To my surprise, I rushed back to this certain ATM machine and saw a man (also an expat) having a transaction to this ATM, without hesitation I ask this man if there is any money dispensed, he answered me with a nod (as I understand his gesture he is saying NONE).

I observed his movements as he was having a transaction, his card was ejected and he left leaving me dumbfounded. I cannot believe it; I cannot accept the fact that I lost my hard-earned money in just a snap.

Before I left, I was looking/inspecting this dispenser if any money stuck but there is none. I got home, telling my flatmates what happened, they also experienced this kind of incident-no cash dispensed. 

Fast track, I received a reply from this certain acquiring bank telling “customer (me) received the cash”

  • My questions are these, first, can I request a CCTV copy from this ATM machine?
  • Can I request a CCTV copy of this mall where the ATM located?
  • Can I lodge a police complaint to try to trace the person “who approached this ATM after me and allegedly took my cash? (Coz I presumed as per acquiring banks’ investigation “cash was dispensed)

Answer by Steve:  You cannot request CCTV footage of ATM machine. You cannot request CCTV footage of shopping mall. You should request from your bank to investigate the case as you have not received your money.

Your bank will make an inquiry of this fact and let you know about it. One thing you need to understand here that the bank will investigate if the money has been dispensed.

Sometimes it happens that ATM does not dispense the money and you receive a message of debiting your account. If ATM has not dispensed the money, it will be credited to your account upon the investigation.

If ATM has dispensed the money and someone else has taken it, you are not entitled to it. You should have stayed at that place and wait for the next customer to come and take his money. Moreover, you should have also blocked your ATM Card.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.