What to do when ATM card is stuck in machine?

Many people do not know what to do if their ATM card is stuck in a machine, how can they remove it? We have explained it below.

Don’t try to remove your card

If your ATM card is stuck in a machine, don’t try to remove it by force or by inserting an object inside the machine.

You will never get your card back in this way but there are chances that you might damage the machine and have to pay for damages.

What to do when ATM card is stuck in machine?

Wait for the machine to respond

The only option available to you is to wait for the machine for at least 10 minutes or until the time ATM Machine starts blinking in green color to welcome a new customer.

Try with another ATM Card

If your card remains stuck for 10 minutes or ATM Machine starts blinking to welcome a new customer, you should insert another ATM card and try to withdraw cash from it of small value.

In this way, if some money is in the process, it will come out. If it doesn’t come out, it means you are safe.

Wait for the next customer

If you don’t have another ATM Card, you can ask the next customer on ATM Machine to do this transaction for you. Let him know in advance so he hands over your money or ATM card if he gets it.

Block the ATM Card

If your ATM card remains stuck in a machine and you are not able to remove it using all the tips we have explained above, it is time to block the card.

Get the new ATM Card

Once the old card is blocked, you can request your bank through the helpline, mobile application, internet banking, or by visiting the branch to issue you a new card. If you visit one of their branches, they will issue the card immediately.

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