6 things to do if you see an accident in Saudi Arabia

Out of the many instructions given to me when I came to Saudi Arabia for the first time, one was not to help female injured people in a road accident.

In this post, we have explained what should you do if you see a road accident in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Park your car at a safe distance

As soon as you see an accident on the road and if there is no one to attend, you need to park your car in a safe place and rush towards the accident place. Keep in mind, your security is more important than the security of those people who have already met with an accident.

  1. Immediate Action

As soon as you reach the place, you need to check if there is any need for immediate action. For example, if some injured person is lying down in the middle of the road, you need to take him on the side so that someone else going at a high speed doesn’t hit him.

  1. Move the injured people to a safe place

If you see fire around the vehicle, you need to take the injured people out of the scenario to a safer place. Many people will try to stop you from doing so just because of the above-mentioned myth.

  1. Call an Ambulance

Once you have made sure that the injured people are secure, you need to call an ambulance. In the case of a fire, you need to call the fire brigade.

If you have the assistance of more than one person, you can ask him to call the Emergency Numbers in Saudi Arabia while you take care of the security of the injured people. 

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  1. Provide First Aid

If you are trained to provide first aid, there is nothing wrong with providing first aid to injured people. Give them water, try to stop their blood flow, and do whatever you think can save their life. .

Be available to them till the time ambulance reaches the place of the accident.

  1. Don’t touch female passengers

Try to avoid touching female injured passengers unless their relatives allow you to do it. However, if you feel that her life could be in danger without immediate medical help, help her.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.