How to make up missed Salah for many years?

Every Muslim is required to pray 5 times a day. If a Muslim misses his Salah, he has to offer the missed salah (offer qada) in order to repent of his sin. Here is how to make up for missed Salah for many years.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ revealed that if anyone missed his salah because of sleep or just out of ignorance, he is required to offer it as soon as he remembers that his salah is missed. 

It is clear now that missing a salah is a sin for which you can only ask for forgiveness once the missed Salah is offered.

Only Repentance is not the compensation

For those who believe that only asking Allah to forgive over the sin, with a pure heart, would not be enough. A Muslim does feel guilty when he misses a salah, yet he shall offer his missed salah as soon as he remembers it, as Tawbah (seeking forgiveness) is not enough!

Moreover, missing a salah deliberately with an intention to offer qada later is not acceptable. 

What if you have missed Fard Salah for many years?

As all of us have missed many prayers in our life, one wonders what can we do it to make up for it now? Well, Islamic Scholars advise that you should have a rough estimation of how many prayers you have missed in your entire life.

Let’s say, if you have missed prayers for 5 years i.e. 9,125 prayers, you should pray one or two qada salah with every prayer. While praying Duhr, you should pray 4 additional fard for qada duhr. Continue this practice and Allah will Insha Allah forgive your sins.

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