How to Report a Scammer in Saudi Arabia?

Internet scammers are growing in number day by day. Everyone around, especially the expats, are victims to these internet frauds and scams. In this article, we have covered how to report a scammer in Saudi Arabia?

People; as a result, lose their precious time, money and effort. In this article, we will be sharing some true stories about the people who became a victim of online fraud in Saudi Arabia. 

Types online frauds in Saudi Arabia

We are mentioning a few stories about how people are fooled so that you can have an idea about the tricks and save yourselves from such mishap. Recommended: 9 Tips to protect yourself from online frauds

  1. Education Fraud

A consultant in Saudi Arabia which was an Indian doctor was told by a few of his friends about an online MDS program which awarded American Ph.D. after a few years of study. Upon research, he got to know that everything, from presentations to the thesis, was conducted online.

He was so fascinated that without much research he enrolled himself in the university and paid the fee as it was mere $60. Upon informing his family, they felt suspicious and researched over it. They found, no such university exists in America thus, he was fooled.

Upon inquiring the bank, he found that three transactions of about $10,000 took place through his credit card. This is just an example. Not everyone is lucky enough to catch the fraud in time. Many expats living in the Kingdom were targeted and most of them fall prey to these scams through online degree programs as such programs are not introduced within the Kingdom itself.

  1. Lottery Fraud

Other investment and profit schemes, lottery prizes and gift hampers also trapped such expats, as they are eager to earn more besides their normal income.

Sometimes you may get a mail stating that you won a lottery or you have a present/parcel waiting for you and you just need to fill in few details to claim. Sometimes you have won a cash prize of $10,000 or a BMW waiting to be picked up but you need to pay the shipping charges and give few sensitive details.

This all actually does not exist for real. All this is fraud and means of fetching money. Once you pay the amount, you are doomed. You lose your money and you get no reply in return.

How to Report a Scammer in Saudi Arabia?

If you think you found the fraud or if in doubt, do the following to report a scammer in Saudi Arabia:

1-Report or complain to your local police/authorities so that such activities are well monitored.

2-Change the passwords of your accounts on social networking sites, your internet banking, email addresses and pins of credit/debit cards.

3-Create awareness among people by sharing your experience on different social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter besides complaining about websites.

4-Call your bank and confirm the amount transacted. If you report within 24hrs, your transaction will be labeled “disputed” and you might get your money back.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.