What to do if Saudi Iqama is Lost? 2024

If your Iqama is lost in Saudi Arabia, you need to report it to the police, pay the fee or penalty applicable in 2024 and get the print of the new Iqama. We have shared the updated procedure below.

Fee/Penalty for the Lost Iqama

The fee or penalty applicable for the lost Iqama in 2024 depends upon the following factors;

  • Iqama is stolen and reported to police within 24 hours = No Fee.
  • Iqama is lost for the;
    • first time = SR 1,000.
    • second time = SR 2,000.
    • third time = SR 3,000.
  • Source: Ministry of Interior.

Fee/Penalty for the Lost Iqama

Step 1: Inform your Sponsor

The first and most important step is to inform your sponsor about the missing Iqama if it is not found after a reasonable search. This procedure is to be followed by the sponsor.

  • Employee’s sponsor: Kafeel/GRO of the company.
  • Dependent’s Sponsor: Head of the Family.

Step 2: Police Report

Iqama is stolen: Visit the nearest police station to report the lost Iqama along with the sponsor if the Iqama is stolen. Here you will be required to write an application in Arabic explaining how the iqama is lost.

  • Fee: Zero.

Iqama is lost:Β The police report is not required if the Iqama is lost due to any reason except being stolen.

  • Fee: SR 1,000.

Step 3: Pay the fee

There is no separate tab to pay the fee for the lost Iqama on SADAD. Therefore, you can follow the process to pay the fee to change the Iqama profession.

The amount would be shown under passport deposits while checking available funds.

Step 4: Arrange Required Documents

Employee Iqama: In the next step, your sponsor must visit Jawazat along with the following documents to get the new print in replacement of a lost Iqama.

Dependent Iqama: If a dependent’s Iqama is lost, make one PDF file of all the documents below.

  • Jawazat Appointment with the purpose “Resident Services“.
  • Download Iqama Form and fill it in Arabic.
  • Police Report (if applicable)
  • Payment of the fee to replace Iqama.
  • Iqama copy of the dependent.
  • Passport copy of the dependent.
  • Iqama copy of the head of the family.
  • Passport copy of the head of the family.

Step 5: Report Lost Iqama in Absher

Once you have the PDF file ready, log in to your Absher account to report the lost Iqama for your dependents;

  • Log in to Absher: https://www.absher.sa/.
  • Click on the “Services” tab under “My Services”.
  • Select the “Passports” option.
  • Click on the “Tawasul“.

how to report lost iqama in absher


On this screen, select the following settings to report a lost Iqama for dependents in Saudi Arabia.

  • Click on the “New Request” button.
  • Sector: Resident Service inside the Kingdom.
  • Service: Report Lost or Damaged Resident ID.
  • Request Description: Explain how the residence permit is lost.
  • Attachment: Attach the PDF file you have created before.
  • You can use an online PDF compressor to reduce its size.
  • The name of the PDF file should be one word only without any space.

what to do if iqama is lost


Special character not allowed: Remove all the (. ! ?, β€˜ β€œ etc) special characters and you should be good to go.

Step 6: Print the Iqama

Finally, you will receive one message on your phone stating our request has been answered. The next step to get a new Iqama in replacement of a lost Iqama is to;

  • Log in to your Absher account https://www.absher.sa/.
  • Click on the “General Services“.
  • Select “Passports“.
  • Click on the “Tawasul” service.
  • Select “Inquire for Requests.

family iqama procedure

If your request is accepted, you canΒ visit the Jawazat office to get the print of the Iqama along with the following documents;

  • The print of the Tawasul request.
  • All the above-mentioned documents.
  • Book Jawazat Appointment with the service: Resident Services.

The Jawazat officer will print the Iqama immediately.

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