What to do if your Kafeel dies in Saudi Arabia?

In this article, we shall be covering the procedure you need to adopt if your Kafeel dies in Saudi Arabia.

Expats working in companies

There is no problem for the people who are working in big companies as their sponsor is the company itself and if the company is running, they don’t need to fear anything.

Expats working in Firms (Mosassa)

It is very important to mention here that the people who are working in small businesses are employed by the business. Their sponsor or Kafeel is not the individual person who is running the business.

Legally speaking, their sponsor, or Kafeel is the business itself. If a person who is running the business and has all the decision-making power of the business dies, it does not affect their status.

After his death, the property will be transferred to his legal heirs. They will appoint one person who will be taking care of the business. So, there is no problem even for people who are employed in small businesses if their Kafeel dies. They don’t have to worry about anything unless the business is planned to be shut down.

Domestic Workers

However, the problem is for domestic workers like housemaids, domestic drivers, and private watchmen. If the Kafeel / Sponsor of a domestic worker dies, they are not allowed the final exit from Saudi Arabia.

They will have to transfer the sponsorship to the name of his brother/son or any other close relative. 

Source: Arab News

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