What to do if your Kafeel dies in Saudi Arabia?

The most important person in your life while living in Saudi Arabia is your Kafeel. You need his permission to do anything in Saudi Arabia. We have already published on the article to let our visitors understand the Kafeel System in Saud Arabia in detail “Kafeel System in Saudi Arabia”.  Now in this article, we shall be covering about the procedure you need to adopt if Kafeel dies in Saudi Arabia. There is no problem for the people who are working in big companies as their sponsor is the company itself and if the company is running, they don’t need to fear anything.

It is very important to mention here that the people who are working in small businesses are employed by the business. Their sponsor or Kafeel is not the individual person who is running the business. Legally speaking, their sponsor or Kafeel is the business itself. If a person who is running the business and has all the decision making the power of the business dies, it does not effect on their status. After his death, the property will be transferred to his legal heirs. They will appoint one person who will be taking care of the business. So, there is no problem even for people who are employed in small businesses if their Kafeel dies. They don’t have to worry about anything unless the business is planned to be shutdown.

However, the problem is for domestic workers like housemaids, domestic drivers, and private watchmen. There are very few rights available to the domestic workers in Saudi Arabia and we have highlighted their rights before in this blog “Domestic Workers’ Law in Saudi Arabia”. If Kafeel / Sponsor of a domestic worker dies, they are not allowed final exit from Saudi Arabia.

They will have to transfer the sponsorship to the name of his brother/son or any other close relative. personnel can complete the work on his behalf & after some time ultimately his son(if adult) will become your sponsor otherwise his wife.

I think this is against the human rights since a domestic worker is employed by a Kafeel/Sponsor. After the death of the Kafeel, she needs to be given an option to transfer the sponsorship to another Kafeel (his son) or Ministry of Interior should process final exit. It is not a business where rules of heritage will apply. Domestic workers are living human beings so they should not be treated like this. A source at the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) said the organization had submitted a study to the government with recommendations on reforming the sponsorship system. “If adopted, the recommendations contained in the study will end many of the problems resulting from the current system,” he said.

Source: Arab News

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