What it is like being grown up as an Expat in Saudi Arabia?

Being born at any place is obviously out of the option. Yet, there are some countries where being born as an expat is not a good option. Here is a list of all those worse things an Expat in Saudi Arabia goes through. But before I proceed, let’s just make it clear that life of expats in most countries is not simply a bed of roses.

  1. You cannot complain about your Job in Saudi Arabia

As soon as you complain about your job or living in Saudi Arabia, you are told to leave the country for good.

  1. You cannot decide about yourself until you turn 18

Until you reach 18, you practically have no right to make a decision for your own. However, as you grow old, you feel like being strongly tied to the norms and status-quo.

The only important decision that your parents can make for you by the time you reach 18 is that which college to choose for you. But the best option would be to send you abroad for college. This shall save your life.

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  1. Discrimination

As an expat in Saudi Arabia, you shall get used to the very common phenomenon of racism, discrimination, and favoritism. If you are an Indian expat, believe me, life is not less than torture.

You would be judged on your Hindi skills and tone. It is thereby advised to you to only opt for Indian schools and institutions to carry on education without many hurdles.

  1. Be Humble with Saudis

Your parents would always teach you to be humble with the Saudi kids and not to argue with them even if you are right. You grow up learning that the Saudi kids are a superior form of human beings.

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  1. Reciting National Anthem

You would be forced to recite the national anthem with all patriotism, yet you will never be able to show this patriotism anywhere else.

  1. Finding a Job in Saudi Arabia

As soon as you turn 18, you shall find out that the government is no more interested in you and if your father can’t sponsor you, you shall find yourself a safe place before you are kicked out!

By the time you turn 21, you are confused that if your life has begun or really ended!  Even being able to take up a job in Saudi Arabia won’t help you build your self-esteem. 

The pay that you will receive as your starting pay would be around SR 5,000. This is not the pay that all fresh graduates get, this is exclusively for you! This is the point you realize that paying heavy fees at college was of no use, neither was your GPA.

4982 What it is like being grown up as an Expat in Saudi Arabia

  1. So many loans

This will cause you to get into taking loans. You would have to take a loan for cars, branded clothes and accessories, phone and much more just to walk with pride and improve your self-esteem. In the end, you will realize that taking a loan was not a good option either!

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