What is the water on the top of the Yogurt? Is it beneficial?

There are two styles of yogurt: set type yogurt and Swiss-style yogurt which are easily available at grocery shops and other dairy product shops.

A thin layer of clear liquid which sets on the top of creamy yogurt is called whey. There are many myths about the liquid. Some people pour it out and some mix it in according to their taste and liking. The liquid consists largely of water, also containing a little bit of protein, potassium, and calcium.[irp]

If you mix that liquid layer (whey) in yogurt, it enhances the nutrition and provides a creamy texture. Instead of mixing, you can shake the container like juice container before opening the lid seal. The whey and yogurt would mix up when you open it.

Yogurt is very rich in protein, calcium, and potassium. It is full of vitamins and minerals and contains fewer calories. Many dieticians in the world recommend that an individual aged 9 and elder than that should take 3 servings of milk, cheese or yogurt each day; children 4-8 years should eat 2-1/2 servings. One serving of yogurt is one 8-ounce cup or container.

Yogurt is actually a refined milk product that is fermented to make it sour. The process is done with the help of the action of certain lactic acid-producing bacteria to thicken it. The lactic acid produced by these bacteria coagulates the milk protein, thickens the milk and results in the characteristic sour flavor.

The milk commonly used to make yogurt is Cow milk. Other milk used to produce yogurt that is easily available in the market are buffalo milk, goat milk, ewe milk, mare milk, camel milk and yak milk.

The probiotics used to give yogurt its characteristics are Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. These assist in maintaining the balance of bacteria which is necessary for a healthy digestive system, improving the immune system, reducing the length and harshness of sickness as well as reducing eczema in babies.

Yogurt helps in reducing side effects of antibiotics because many people experience horrible side effects such as stomach problem, intestinal hurt or swelling. This is because some antibiotics cause an imbalance of bacteria in the digestive system. It also helps in reducing the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

Yogurt is also sold as sweetened yogurt, flavored yogurt or fruit yogurt with fruit or fruit jam on the bottom and fruit syrup on the top. These yogurts are also available in containers and tin packs covered with a foil lid.


This is also the best option when you prefer yogurt with fruit on the bottom. Yogurt is very flexible in texture. You can dip it, spread it, freeze it, add fruits to it or eat it plain. It can be used in breakfast by layering it, dry cereal or granola, and top with your fruit.

It can also be used for a topping of waffles or pancakes with yogurt and sliced strawberries. You can make a delicious smoothie and use for salad dressing and dips. Yogurt is considered as a healthy food and mostly included among the nutritious foods.

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