What is the reality behind the ‘Gay Marriage Videos’ in Saudi Arabia?

On Wednesday, a video was posted by someone on Social media which became Viral on every social media site. People started presuming that the video is about Gay wedding function that was held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In that video, it can be seen that two men are walking down the aisle and the music is played in the background. This video review like a wedding function is being held. You can also watch the video at the end of the article.

Allah S.W.T has created us all beings in pairs i.e. a male and a female. Normal people get attracted to opposite gender. Humans get married and live together, producing babies and the natural process of reproduction goes on.

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In every religion in the world, homosexual relations are forbidden. Most of the countries consider it as an offense and many of the societies see it as sinful and awkward.

Saudi Arab follows complete Islamic laws so naturally having such relations and marriages are not only banned but also unlawful. Some online sources have claimed that gay marriage took place in Saudi Arabia from the appearance of guests in the video.

It has also been claimed online that people who attended the ceremony and all who are involved in this matter, are arrested and are under investigation. However, the story is yet not confirmed.

Makkah police have not released any official statement on the matter. What is the reality of that video? nobody knows, but we are waiting for the reality to be revealed soon.

People showed different views on the video, but I personally believe that it might be a bachelor party and the friends are celebrating their own way. Moreover, nothing in the video proves that it is a marriage ceremony and when and where it happens?

This is true, we cannot talk anything unfair about the video unless we are provided with complete information. If there was something wrong, authorities would have taken an action.

And if that video proves that it was a gay wedding held in Saudi Arabia a lot of questions will arise in everybody’s minds. The first and foremost question is who performed the marriage rituals? How can a Muslim perform the rituals?

As a Muslim, we all know that Homosexuality is strictly forbidden in our religion and is an illegal act in Saudi Arabia as well as in many other countries including several Gulf Nations. Saudi Arabia has been very strict to counter anything against Islam.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.