What is the most sinful act while fasting?

As we know that fasting during the month of Ramadan is Fard upon Muslims, it is also essential to know the things that can break or invalidate your fast. Do you know what is the most sinful act while fasting?

The most sinful Act while fasting

An activity that is most sinful during fasting is sexual intercourse. A husband and wife come to a bond to provide satisfaction to each other.

Such an act is of serious nature so much so that it breaks the fast. As soon as the two (husband and wife) undergo sexual intercourse their fast is broken. Not only the fast is broken but it makes them sinful. 

What is the definition of Intercourse?

Many people have misconceptions about the definition of intercourse in Islam. Some people wrongly believe it is connected with the ejaculation or release of body fluids.

We believe it is important to clarify here that the fast is broken as soon as the private parts of the two meet. This means that even if ejaculation did not take place, the fast broke because of the meeting of the private parts.

What is the compensation? 

First of all, all of us should control our emotions while fasting. However, if any Muslim performs such a serious sin, he must seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty and shall pay a penalty for it. The penalty for sin is very much made clear in the Hadith.

Once a man came to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and urged that he had been ruined as he had undergone sex with his wife while he had a fast. 

The Prophet asked him if he could

  1. Free a slave, he said he couldn’t.
  2. Fast for 2 months consecutively, he again replied with a no.
  3. Feed about 60 poor people. – Sahih al-Bukhari 1936

Source: Dr. Zakir Nayek

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