What is the information printed on the tires of vehicles?

Drivers always have to check for a couple of markings on their car tires in order to know exactly whether their tires suit their needs or not. The following information is a short and quick recap for the most important signs and markings that one should be on the lookout for on a tire before they make up their mind or actually purchase one.[irp]

1-Capital Letters: Every single tire carries a specific capital letter that will depict the top speed that the tire can go to. The letter Q depicts the maximum speed to be around 160 kilometers per hour, hence any letter above Q will be considered fine and suitable to be used in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The speed ratings and letters start at J which stands for 100 kilometers per hour and the letters ending at Y which stands for 270 kilometers per hour and above.

2-Temperature: Another extremely important marking found on the tires is the marking for the temperature. The alphabet A stands for extremely hot temperatures, such as those found in the GCC region and other equatorial regions around the world. The B Alphabet stands for moderate temperatures, which is most suitable for slightly cold temperatures. The alphabet C stands for extremely cold temperatures such as those found in places farthest away from the equator.

3-Passenger car or SUV: There are also 3 different types of tires available in the market, and each of them has their specific uses. Those tires marked with P stand for the passenger cars, which may range from sedans to coupes. Those tires marked with LT are for the light trucks which as the name suggests is used by Light trucks and big SUVs in some cases. Those tires that are marked with C are to be used for the bigger commercial trucks; these are usually large and fat and will not work on normal cars even if you wanted them to.

4-Fuel Efficiency Card: It is essential and vital that everybody going to purchase a new set of tires or even thinking about buying a new set make sure that they check the markings on the tire that you would like to purchase. If you are still not too sure about which tire you would like to purchase you can also take reference from or pay close attention to the fuel efficiency card of the tire which is issued by the Saudi Center for Energy Efficiency.

5-Other Information: You must have seen this kind of information printed on tires of your car. The first three numbers (255) indicate the section width of the tire in millimeters, which is the width of the tire from sidewall to sidewall. The second numbers, in this case, 70, denote the aspect ratio of the tire which is the height of the tire sidewall measured as a percentage of the width. The R stands for Radial Construction. This is the diameter of the wheel (in inches) that the tire has been designed to fit on, in this example the rim diameter is 22.5 inches

The proper and correct tires in accordance with your geographical location or weather and the type of vehicle that you own, will not only ensure that you save on energy and get a smooth drive out of your new tires, but in some cases it can also mean the difference between life and death as the incorrect tire in the incorrect car, or in the incorrect weather or speed can cause catastrophic accidents and damage to the car and to one’s own self. Be safe and make sure you do not put your life and the lives of others in danger by not paying attention to your tires.

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