What is the Ideal blood pressure according to your Age?

Know a lot many people around you suffering from blood pressure disorders? Quite often heard about people dying of heart attacks even at an early age? Suffering from blood pressure fluctuations or worried not to be the next victim?

Yes, blood pressure disorders have taken the world’s population by its grips: according to World Health Organization’s report, 12.8% of total deaths in the world were caused by high blood pressure which accounts for a total of 7.5 million deaths.

The basic reason that one should be worrying about not having high blood pressure is that it has no symptoms. One might be having it, without even knowing it. Only a few people can experience headaches, nose-bleeding and/or breath shortening.

But then these symptoms occur at high intensity of blood pressure which might cause a threat to life and these symptoms are not even specific to high blood pressure only.

Basically, your heart beats to pump blood all around the body to circulate required energy and oxygen. When it does so, the blood is pushed against the blood vessel’s sides.

Therefore, the pressure of blood in arteries is known as blood pressure. The higher is the blood pressure; higher is the risk of having narrowed arteries which can cause a heart attack, heart problems, and kidney disease.

The symptom-less disease is known as a “silent killer”.  Therefore, one should be checking it regularly especially if one has blood pressure in the family or is suffering from diabetes, any heart problem or from a kidney disease, such patients have higher chances to have blood pressure disorders.

However, it is important to know that what should be your blood pressure. Appropriate blood pressure varies with age; one should know what the ideal blood pressure according to age is. Age is an important factor: two people with varying age cannot have same “normal Blood Pressure”. It has to differ with respect to age. 

The attached chart deals with it, so next time you check your blood pressure, do make sure that your blood pressure reading corresponds to your age. However, if your blood pressure is constantly not lying in the right category, you are to seek medical assistance.

Also, it is important to have a healthier lifestyle to avoid blood pressure and even to control it. Your lifestyle actually impacts the blood pressure. Maintain your weight, don’t intake too much salt, incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, keep your body hydrated and be physically active.

Healthy changes in one’s life can not only prevent one from blood pressure disorders but can help lower it down. The more you can reduce your blood pressure, the lower your risk of a heart attack or stroke will be.

So keep regular checks on your blood pressure using Public blood pressure machines at home. Checking blood pressure on a daily basis is very important and also one should know his/her ideal blood pressure according to age is.

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